The Not So Good Halo

The Not so Good Halo

I was playing Halo 4 for the time when suddenly the game lost connection, “NOOOO!!!!”.

A few hours earlier I had just heard but there was a hurricane coming tonight. I got worried when my parents told me that we had to go to the store quickly. We got in my dad dark blue BMW 3 Series and drove to the store. We got three steaks and milk and eggs and bacon and flashlights and batteries. When we got home my mom put the groceries away while me and my dad hooked up the generator. To it would be ready if the power went out. After we were done it was it was just in time as the rain got heavy and the wind got harsh. I want to stairs and turned on the TV. There were no TV shows on because every channel is broadcasting the news. So I did what any kid would do with that moment. I pulled out my brand new Halo 4 disc. I could hear the woosh as the Xbox sucked in the disc. I turned on the TV and pull up the best graphics from any Halo game. 2 hours later the wind picked up and the rain got heavy . I was on the last level and the Forerunner was in my sight. I picked up my covenant battle hammer and with a mighty blow. CLICK!

“NOO!!” I yelled

“Brian what’s wrong?” My dad asked as he ran up the stairs.

“The game lost power as I was about to win.”

I’m really annoyed at Mother Nature right now. Was this her version of a joke? If it was, it was not funny at all. Wait. Did the game save? Can I go back and win, I thought to myself. All I could do was wait until the hurricane was over and the power was back on. 6 days later the power company came and turned the power back on. This was the moment of truth. I put the disk in and heard the woosh of the xbox sucking in the disc. I turned it on and screamed… “NOOOO!!!” the T.V. had to reboot. One hour later it finished so I turned on the xbox. I screamed… “NOOOO!!!” The xbox also had to reboot. Finally when it finished I turned on the game. I lit up the last saved button on the screen, closed my eyes and hit the “A” button. I opened my eyes the screen was red and in Big Bold Black letters it said… YOU WIN! 1 year later now, I have finally gotten Halo 5. I really hope when I play it this doesn’t happen again.

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