A Fun Time at Soccer

When I was in fourth grade I experienced something very exciting. I came very close to scoring a goal. The ball was inches from going in the goal, when the goalie from Monroe grabbed it. This would have been the first goal I ever made. My parents were equally as proud of me for trying to score a goal. The reasons why I was excited to almost score a goal is because we had a strong team. My brother Julio was on the same team with me, my father was the coach, we had an undefeated team, and my mother was cheering for the team with other fans. This was my greatest memory from fourth grade which happened to be my last game for the year.

My parents would be proud of me. When I was kicking the soccer ball to the goal I thought I was going to score my first goal.

A lot of the people were cheering for the teams while we were running and blocking so the Monroe team doesn’t kick the ball into the goal. Some of the players would defend the goalie by trying to take the ball back from the other team and block them from scoring. We would sometimes say to each other “I’m open” so one of our players could hear us and pass the ball.

One time in soccer we played in the rain. It was so much fun to play wet, however it was slippery and the goalie had a hard time catching the ball. The team practiced every week to get ready for the games. We would practice running until we couldn’t run anymore. This is also when we practice plays for the game.

“Pass the ball, Brian! I am open” I yelled at Brian as I was running towards the  goal. Even though I didn’t score the goal the excitement I felt was something I never felt in a game before. You don’t have to kick the winning goal to feel like a winner. Winning isn’t always what makes a game memorable.



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2 thoughts on “A Fun Time at Soccer

  1. Thats was a good story and I remember that. I also remember you falling to the ground trying to get a penalty kick because the goalie tackled you

  2. Dear Ryan,

    I really enjoyed reading your story. I thought the message that the story gave off “Winning doesn’t mean everything” really tied the story together. Your team sounds really good. Did your team win the game? Great story!


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