And I Loved Her

During a brutal snowstorm I sit with my grandparents and stepsisters watching tv waiting for the call from my step mom and dad who are at the hospital. We all watch news 12 with the updates about the storm, and talk about the snowstorm. And as I sit there I wonder anxiously if I am about to have a baby brother or sister. It was about nine O’clock and I was pretty tired. I walked down the dark hallway that was only lit by a dim flame from a vanilla scented candle on a large chest. I  made my way up the staircase and into the room I shared with my two other sisters.  And I went to bed.

A sudden shake of my body awoke me. My sister Nina towered over me saying “come down quick.” It was about 9:45 pm and I ran down stairs to see everyone sitting around the phone. I sat down next to my step sister Cally, anxious to hear the news.

I announced “I’m here.”

My dad said “okay!”

My step mom and dad exclaimed “you ready?”

We all said together “yes! we can’t wait any longer.”

My step mom and dad said together. . . “It’s a girl!”

“yay.”  we all yelled excitedly.

The next morning my grandparents, stepsisters and my half brother got into

the car to head over to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, then I felt it, the twisting in my stomach as if there were a bunch of butterflies fluttering and flying around in there. I went up to see my new baby sister with the rest of my family. As we walk down the hallway it smells very clean and I see people waiting for their loved ones. We approached the room and walked in. I was shaking but I didn’t know why. I looked into my stepmoms arms and there she was. I felt so fortunate as I sat down on a chair on the other side of the room waiting for my step mom to bring her to me. As I sat there thinking about my new baby sister, I was surprised that someone new to this world the baby that I have never met before . . . I loved her, this stranger.

When my step mom approached me as I sit waiting to hold the baby she came over and put her right into my arms. And I held her. And I looked into her beautiful eyes. And her perfect button nose. And her beautiful thin blond hair. And I loved her.


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2 thoughts on “And I Loved Her

  1. Dear Lauren,
    Wow. I really liked your story and how you wrote what you were feeling. I also liked how you used a lot of description. I could picture you holding your sister and that moment when you looked into her eyes and loved her. I also liked how you described what your sister looked like so I could picture it in my head.

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