I sit at my desk, anxiously. I have been waiting for this moment ever since i heard about it. It was 8th period, the final period /class of the day. In health, everyone was hyped up. This is normal, especially for a friday. Mostly because it was seconds before school would be released for the weekend. “You can pack up your things, the bell is about to ring.” announced my teacher. Adrenaline rushed throughout my body, as i finished packing up my things, and putting them into my backpack.

“BOOOOOOOOP” went the bell, and I was already out the door.


I walked down to the parent pick up loop with my friend David D’Augelli.

“So, you and your brother are going to Florida.”.

“Yeah”, I said as I pushed open the door and we walked out of the building.

“Aww man, I’m jealous.” replied David. I was surprised to see that my dad’s car was the first one in line.

“See ya.”, I said I said to David as I shook his hand. I climbed into  into the car, just as my brother was walking out of the school. I was in the front seat, so my brother took up the rear as my dad drove the car away from the school that I wouldn’t lay eyes on for another three days


When we reached the airport, we found a good parking space, locked up the car, picked up all of our things, and headed towards the Jetblue terminal. We grabbed a snack on our way, just to hold us over so that we could eat something before we went through security. When we got to the Jetblue bag check, we received some very disappointing news. Once the lady was done putting our bags on the belt, she said,

¨There were some storms in Florida today, and since we only have one plane you flight is delayed until 9:30 pm¨.


I could tell that my my dad, my brother, and I weren’t the only ones frustrated with this situation. One guy said that he had to be in Florida by 12:00 in the morning. That is obviously not going to happen. After what seemed like forever, the plane finally parked in the Jetblue spot. Once we were sitting down along with everyone else, the captain got onto the speakers and announced,
“We will be taking off shortly, thank you for your cooperation, have a nice flight.”

Then, the plane was pulled out of its parking spot, and a couple minutes later we lined up at the end of the runway, As the engines revved up, they got louder and louder and louder, up to the point where I was asking myself when it was going to stop. Then finally, I noticed that the engines have stopped getting louder. And this meant only one thing. The plane jolted forward, my heart pounding as we inch down the runway. Then the engines are kicked into the highest possible gear, and we rocket down the runway. I’d say we went 0-100 (mph) in the time it takes a car to go 0-60. I felt the front end of the plane lift off the ground, then just like that, we were finally on our way to Florida for a tournament that would kick off in less than 11 hours.


The ride to DC was very peaceful. I was just sitting there watching TV, when I realized that my ears were hurting. At this moment I knew that we were descending into our first of two stops. I was wondering how long it would take to get this stop over with. Once everyone was finally in the plane, I noticed that there was a young couple that sat down, and they had a 2 year old baby with them. I already knew what was going to happen. I predicted that the baby would cry. And I would be annoyed by the fact that I was right. Just when I thought that this day couldn’t be any worse, the baby starts to wail. We are descending into Florida, and the baby obviously has a headache from all of the pressure. But besides that, I could see the start of the “Panhandle” of Florida. It was an amazing view, that didn’t last very long because I could see it was slowly vanishing as we finally touched down in Florida at 2:40 am.


When we got off of the plane, it took us practically an hour to get to the hotel. First we had to go to a bus stop in order to get to the Avis car rental. That took 25 minutes, mostly because the bus had a top speed of 25 miles per hour. But then we rented a car. It was a Ford Flex, we were going to rent a Maserati, but it was $220 a day!.


We fell asleep at 3:15 in the morning. We had to wake up at 6:30 am, for an 8:00 game. That was just great, three hours of sleep. Anyway, we had Puerto Rico in the opening game. I started at first base. In my first at bat, I had a late reaction to an outside changeup, and hit a weak ground ball to second base. Then in my next at bat I got it passed the second baseman, and up the middle for a base hit. But then, in the next inning, my brother crushed a HUGE home run over the 336 foot sign on the center field fence. We won that game, and our record was now 1-0


In the second game, we suffered a loss to South Florida, a game that we all wanted back. Though I did collect my second hit of the game, we were all frustrated. Then, we were done for the day. In our third game the next day, we played Mexico, but I had to get pulled from that game because I pulled a muscle coming off of the field and if we won. I also got a hit in that game as well. Then we played another Florida team. I got another hit in that game, but we lost. Then in the third game of the day, we played the Virgin Islands. In that game I laced a single into right center field. Then the next day we played in the semifinals and were up against Puerto Rico again. I got a hit and walked to tie the game, then we won. It was awesome.


Then we were ready to play in the finals, but it started to rain, and thunder, but you know what comes with thunder, lightning. So the game was controversial. But the manager of my team talked with the manager of the other team, and the other team forfeited, and we would play in Yankee Stadium in two weeks.


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