Cheating Death

The warm thick air whipping against my face as I clamp down on the elephant sized boulder resting far out from the shore. Michael by my side; a cousin that I have known ever since I was just a kid. Out of all of my cousins I have the strongest relationship with him because he is one of the only ones my age. Being the youngest of three with a sister who is sixteen years older than me I have a ton of cousins that could practically be your mother or father.

All of the sudden it was there…
A massive, tsunami like wave approaching at a slow pace. The water near us slowly being pulled away.
Feeding the king.
Two days earlier….
The echoing sound of the cracked window pierces my ears only making the time I have to wait seem longer. Every year around this time our family rents a huge house by the beach in Rhode island. We share it with whomever from our family is available to come. Some years our cousins have things going on but every year Mike’s family usually has time. Michael and I are almost exact copies of each other, both pretty tall and love to play sports. The more I think about seeing everyone the longer the time gets. There it is “East Beach” road. My knees start to tremble as I am about to finally be in my favorite place after a year’s wait. I open my door before my dad even stops the car and slam it shut. Not acknowledging that my mom would later make me come back out to get my bags. The wooden steps creaked as I race up through the door.
“Mike!” we shouted at the exact same time.
“I can’t believe we are already back here it seems like just yesterday bobbing and bouncing about in the waves.” Michael said.
“Yeah and I can’t wait to get down to the beach.” I answered.
The thought must have crossed our minds at the exact same time and we ran out, hopped on our bikes and bolted down the path. Biking is one of the main things we do in Rhode Island. The sand that slowly took over the road hinted that we were getting closer and closer to the beach. Tossing our specialized bikes onto the racks we headed up the wooden path. Not wasting a bit of time we through our towels down on the burning yellow sand. With the sun high in the sky we dashed down to the water’s edge. One of our favorite things to do was to swim out really far to a humongous rock and stay on for as long as we could; whoever stayed on longest won. My body punctured the water as I dove head first into the water sending chills down my spine. While swimming out the bottom of the ocean slowly started to drift out of picture. The boulder was perfectly placed on a sandbar as if it was on purpose. I grasped a small indent of the rock and pulled myself up, then helped Mike do the same. Wave after wave our oddies were like jell-o being shook back and forth. Out of the corner of my eye, there seemed to be a wall forming far out. This wave was the biggest I have ever seen all day and it’s still forming. As the wave came closer and closer I yelled,
And I jumped of the slippery surface into the water.
“Mike bail!”
Mike didn’t hear me, he was so concentrated on staying on the rock that bailing was the last thing he was thinking of.
The monster wave slapped his skin and I could almost feel his pain. His body didn’t raise to the surface. Panicking, I swam down to the location he had fallen and through the bubbles his body drifted into picture.
He was there…
I took him by the arm and did my best to get him to shore. With the help of some people , his eyes slowly opened and I saw him get up on his own. At that moment my mind was relieved.
“You okay to bike home?”
“Yeah i’m good Mike replied.”
“Well I guess it would be safe to say you won.” I said jokingly.
“Haha it would.” Michael `said.
There has not been a time where I have not had fun in Rhode island even times like this where we get into sticky situations

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