Fishing for Fish


“Blub, Blub, Blub” Three bubbles in the water making a funny sound in 1 second intervals. My bobber shot straight into the clear beautiful and glossy lake as the floorboards of the pier creaked and shuddered. Out beneath the water a beautifully shaded bass emerged glistening as the sun shined its water soaked scales “Nice catch!” said my dad with great enthusiasm.

I had always enjoyed the experience of fishing and the wonder, of ‘what would i catch

next’ or ‘how long will this take?’

It was a bright sunny morning, birds were chirping, toads chanting their annoying tune of ‘croak croak’ for the whole morning. The bright green grass was a little wet from last night’s rain and occasionally a raindrop would fall on my from the huge trees that were above my head, I was sitting on this old moss coated bence in the campground as a figure emerged from my little pop up camper; it was my dad, He was around 6 foot and was always smiling at me, you could tell by his bags under his eyes that the rain kept him up ALL night. “Hey dad” I said

“Good morning” he groaned, stretched, then took out his coffee pot and it started to gurgle with the sound of his black coffee being readyd. Honestly, I have no idea how he drinks that stuff, it’s way too tart and sour for me I thought to myself.

“Did ya get enough sleep last night?’ I asked with a smirk on my face and a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

“I really wish I had”. He replied with a tired look. He slouched down and sank into his dark blue lawn chair.

Some time later we stopped moping around and decided that we could go fishing so I pulled out my extremely old, but still working, fishing rod and tackle box. My tackle was light gray with features that clearly displayed its old age like how it ripped at every corner of its cardboard and how its handle was almost falling off. It was dull and made a ‘Click-Clack” sound but it was soon muffled by the leaves crunching below my feet.

As we arrived to the fishing pier from the woods we sat down and set up my fishing rod with its bait; being worms, and bobber being a medium sized bobber for catching any type of lake fish.  I threw my fishing arm behind my back and casted a beautiful clear shot into a deep part of the lake. It glided through the air and made a satisfying ‘Plop’ sound as it blobbed on the water peacefully until…

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