Jam Session

Sound bounced around my ears. It shook from the sound rumbling around in my head, was wet and damp out cold and chilly and the breeze made me shiver. It was worth the wait . . .

It was a cold New York City day the sound of the wind howled in my face as I walked down one of the countless blocks in New York. Me and my Mom have just got out of the car and were making our way to the Volcom store. At this store they were selling Pearl Jam shirts, posters, stickers and all other things there. The reason we were in the city was for the Global Music Festival packed with great music in the park (Central Park). Some of the people who were there was Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce and headlining the Concert was Pearl Jam. After we hauled our stuff back to our hotel. Then it was time we had a quick walk into the large Central Park where the event took place. Once we got to the heart of Central Park where there were giant green trees that made you feel that you were not in a city at all. As we got to the security gate we were funneled into the park in a mosh pit. we got a better section then most people and it was not too crowded. Coldplay the first act came on at 3:30 we missed them we got there at 4:00 to see Ed Sheeran, then we waited for ever then at 7:00 Beyonce came on and it was funny to watch almost all the people there for Pearl Jam get so bored they joke around and start dancing. Then it finally happened…

Or wait no it did not first

“Alright folks we have a special group of people here tonight”

Crowd roars up with happiness

“It is Juha Sipilä and his government in Finland”. Then they rant for literally 2 hours about Global Awareness you probably could hear a pin drop on how dead quiet it was and how nobody cared at all the only noise occasionally you would hear a crazy fan scream,

“Vedder for president”

“I want my money back give us Pearl Jam”

“Nobody likes pop music”

“Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Pearl Jam”

Then they came on, Pearl Jam the moment I have been waiting for. They were filled with energy running around. They were like a brand new battery. They played and played, all of these great songs. Eddie (Lead Singer) was so happy with the crowd that came out and he was in a rare mood for himself. It was worth the wait and time to go that night. Then it was over like the sound flipped like a light switch and it went silent. On the walk home it was a dead quiet night at about 11PM seemed so quiet even for New York. Then we finally got back, it was a very fun day. It was very hard to see it end. But all good and bad things must end.

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