Losing to Goliath

It was almost the first month that I have lived in Connecticut. My mother took me to a camp that went to six flags. On that day a kid named Caden Levitt showed me a video on a ride called The Goliath which wasn’t a big ride but it was known as the scariest ride in six flags. I was excited to go on it. When we made it to six flags, we bought our tickets, and our wristbands and we decided to try out some mini games (they were quite the rip off). After that I was desperate to go on the Goliath. The line was so long and I really wanted to get on. The thing is was that the closer I got to the ride the scarier it looked. Once I was right in front of the line I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go on so then I decided to exit. I don’t know what came over me but all I could tell you was that I felt sick just by looking at the thing. I then decided to go on a ride more my speed. I can’t remember what it was called but it looked like a giant mushroom with swings on it. It was probably the highest ride in Six flags and it didn’t seem too scary (since it didn’t go upside down). But the issue I was having was that the line was way too long and I was getting very hungry by the time I was halfway through the line so I decided to bail out and get some food from the Panda Express. After that I was looking for a ride until I came across a water park. One of the water slides were called the toilet bowl. It looked like fun to me until I realized that if I wanted a locker I had to pay 40 dollars so you know what I did? I got changed in the bathroom and after that you won’t believe what I did. I hid my stuff behind a bush; you heard me a bush! I went on the toilet bowl twice and when I went back to the bush, my stuff was still there (surprisingly). I went to the bathroom got changed again and met back with the camp to leave six flags. I didn’t have much fun but that was my own fault because I didn’t have the courage to ride a scary ride, or be patient to wait in line I wish that I made better use of this time.                                                                                                                                                             

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1 thought on “Losing to Goliath

  1. Hey, I really enjoyed reading your piece I found it interesting because i went on that ride and had so much fun! Great job!

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