Shadows on the Sidewalk

“Sarah, Brooke”
We all were calling for the two ten-year old cousins.
“Wohoo” my dad whistled.
I thought the whole world could here his whistle. Apparently not, Sarah and Brooke didn’t come back. The whole family was worried. My aunt got in her car and drove around the whole block once. When she came back to the cul de sac where their new house was being built and the girls weren’t in the car. My heart began to beat fast. I got really worried. My hands started to sweat. Where did they go? Are they looking for us? Did they think we left them so they started to walk home? Theis were all questions going through my head at the time.

This is what was going on about thirty minutes before…
We were touring the new house where our cousins will soon live. My cousin Emma and I finished touring the house earlier than the rest of the family. We went to look at the house exactly like the one that they were having built. Our parents was going there too. It worked out well.

And where I left off.

“Brooke, Sarah” we call again.
One more whistle this time the whole world heard the whistle.

Then 2 shadows came from around the bend.

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