Snowed In

“I remember the time I witnessed about twenty people getting snowed into one house.”

Every year for christmas my family and I visit Thousands of people; My Mom’s Mom and my Dad’s Dad and my mom’s sisters and my Dad’s sister and my Mom’s Dad and my Mom’s Brother. Thats a LOT of people.

On the day after christmas we went to visit my Mom’s Dad, Pop Rich, So we left our other grandparents home, got into the car,  and drove down to Pop Rich’s house. As we began to pull up into his driveway we heard the KC101 host say there was HUGE snowstorm heading In out direction. So we hurried into Pop’s house and got ready for a Long night.

Once we got into the house we found out that we had showed up just in time and that my Great-step-aunt was already hit by the storm and would be able to make it to Pop Rich’s house. Once everyone got over that we mingled then got ready for Dinner. After dinner we looked outside and saw that the snow was coming down like a Herd of Hangry Hippopotamus. We came to the realization that we were snowed in, so we began to open presents.

After opening presents we all went and got ready for bed. So we set up everyone’s sleeping situation. My parents slept in my uncle’s room, my Aunt kelly and uncle jimmy slept in the guest room. my cousins and I slept in the family room, and my aunt jamie and uncle rich slept on air mattress. All of my cousins and I drank hot cocoa watches christmas movies and had ice cream before bed.

When I woke up all the parents were shoveling the driveway so we could go home. And that was the story of how half my family got snowed into one house.

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1 thought on “Snowed In

  1. Nice alliteration. I also liked how you Proper Nouned Hangry… even though it is, but technically isn’t, a word in the English dictionary. But then again who doesn’t know what hangry means. B(y)t(he)w(ay) I liked how you started with the quote in the beginning

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