Soccer and Mango Popsicles

Bang! The car door shut, and I leaped out of the car with excitement. It was the first day of Omars Soccer Academy camp (OSA) and I was caching!  I walked in and received a wonderful greeting from Omar. The music was blasting and the kids were flowing in, I could tell that this was going to be a day to remember!

The kids were almost finished checking in and the camp was ready to go!

We (the coaches) were all on the field getting players and telling them where to drop their bags. Soon all the players were on the field with smiles on their faces and ready to play! We then started the demonstration, we showed the kids how to do the drills were to be done. And the camp kicked off! The players and coaches were divided throughout the indoor soccer facility. The players were doing well throughout the drills  especially given the amount of energy they had. Boom Boom the players kicked and shot the balls. The camp was going great!

Soon the time for the drills were over, and it was game time! The kids favorite part of the whole camp. Excitement was in the air. The players were divided into teams with two coaches on each. We played and played!

After a little while it was lunch time. The players were SHOT, they had played so hard and were ready for lunch and so were we. That day I left the scrimmage early  and helped Crystal (Omar’s wife) wake 100+ chicken cutlet sandwiches for everyone! After I was offered  a chicken sandwich even though I had already packed a lunch I gladly accepted 🙂 We all sat on the bleachers and happily ate our food.

Then it was time for the ball run! The ball run is when the players line up with their soccer balls while the coaches run down the middle. The players then kick the balls at the coach. We did that for a while and had lots of fun.

After the ball run we went back to scrimmage, we then divided the teams up once more and played tournament style. The teams with the most points wins! My team wasn’t going well but we ended up finishing strong!

In the end of the scrimmage the players  and coaches  had an amazing time!

We all gathered our things and walked to the other side where the whole camp would meet and finish off the day. We all met in the middle of the field and stretched to end off the day. We gave a big clap bought some mango Ice pops and called it a day. All we could walk out. GOOOAL sports thinking of is what is in store for the camp days throughout the rest of the week!

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