The Exciting Voyage

Imagine: you’re on a bright red strong zodiak, bouncing on the white waves that are surrounding you. Seagulls sing their song as you whoosh past them. Seals stick their heads in and out of the water to say hello. As the fog horn blast and the fog gets thinner, there is a puff of mist busting out of the water on the horizon. The zodiac zooms closer to the extraordinary puff, and then you see them; a mother humpback whale and her calf.

“Woah! Look at that!” my nana said as she took her camera out from one of the pockets of the rusty red suit that was required on a whale watch.

“Get closer!” one of the other passengers yelled to the captain who had a strong accent like a true canadian.


“If we get too close we might scare them and not see them again today!” The captain replied.


The sights were extraordinary! The humpback whales must have been over eighteen feet. We were all sidetracked by the whales that we didn’t notice the bird that was flying in place over my uncle’s head.


“Uncle peter!” Phoebe (My sister) said as she giggled. “You have a bird flying over your head!”


‘Where?!” He asked nervously.


“ON YOUR HEAD!!!! LOOKUP!” The whole boat screamed as they started laughing about the same time as Uncle Peter ducked to the bottom of the boat.


“Dont worry hes gone…” Mary (My uncle’s girlfriend) laughed.


A short while after, we were quietly hoping for the sight of mist in the air. We all turned around quickly as we heard a yelling noise.




“Hey look!” my grandpa said as we all looked in that direction. he was pointing at.


“It’s a seal! They are very common in the cold waters of Canada.” The captain announced.


We saw many animals on the whale watch, that i couldn’t keep count. It was getting dark, so that meant we sadly had to head in. The boat ride back was VERY bumpy, and the zodiac was not closed in so we all had an 100 percent chance falling in the 35 degree water. WE all griped the ropes on the side of the zodiac, hoping that no one would fall off. The captain Don, decided to go slow, just to make sure there were no more whales we could spot.


“No luck seeing any more whales tonight..” Captain Don shouted over the loud noise of the Zodiac. “We have to continue the trip back, so that we don’t end up boating back to the docks in the dark.

We soon got back to the boating docks and we stepped out of the worn red Zodiac, saying goodbye as we ventured back to the headquarters of the zodiac ride. Sadly we had to give them back the bright red suits, which no one wanted to do because they were extraordinarily warm. We said our goodbyes and thank- you’s  to the people who worked there, and on our way they gave us little chocolates, because they knew we were hungry. That night I sat on my bed and thought about how I would always remember that trip as if it had just happened; I would never forget it.

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