The Fish


(This Rose Petal is not mine. It’s just an example)

It was mid to late July of this past summer.  I went to Petco in Fairfield to get only supplies for the current Betta Fish I had at my house. Betta Fish are the colorful Siamese fighting fish from Thailand. They are also the fish at the pet store that are in those tiny cups since they can’t be put together or they’ll fight. Well when I was there I got the supplies I need for my current Betta Fishes that are still here today (Gold & Unique). When I was in the middle of getting their supplies like more food, new rocks etc.


I saw (Since I’m a Betta Fish geek) the rarest Betta I’ve ever seen.


I saw a rare Rose Petal (Rosetail) Betta Fish. They are known for their tail. Their tail is in a shape of a rose petal.



“Oh my God.” were my first words. I grabbed the fish and put it in my cart. Then I went  to go get a fish bowl with rocks. Then finding out this was the most expensive fish i’ve ever bought. The fish itself ended up to be $20.  I really hit the jackpot that day. The picture of the Rose Petal above is not mine. My Betta is all red.

As of today, Rose, My Rose Petal is healthy and happy. I can’t wait to see what kinds of Betta Fish in the future.


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2 thoughts on “The Fish

  1. Jake,
    I liked how you described how much you loved these carnivorous fish. You had a good amount of “detailed” details. All in all, well done.


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