The Night Before Two Days After Christmas Eve

Christmas is supposed to be a fun time with your family and friends, and kids to have a magical day full of gifts and cookies. For me it has always been this way. I’ve never had any trouble on Christmas and never expected too.

“Jake WAKE UP!”  My brother shouts in my ear, making me deaf for a minute or two.

“It’s Christmas!” He yells. I quickly remember what day it is and I immediately hop out of bed on too my feet, getting a head rush from standing up too quickly. I can barely walk because I have a broken foot and I have to wear a boot. So I hobble over to the door and lay my hand on the cold brass handle and fling it open. I smell freshly baked cookies, the scent travels through my nostrils giving me goosebumps. I feel butterflies in my stomach making me feel ready to open some gifts.

Normally on Christmas we start by waiting for my Mom and Dad at the top of the stairs. We pass the time trying to guess what we got even though that could possibly spoil the fun. Next, My dad walks down the stairs first too make sure everything is all good. We know when to walk down when we hear the Christmas music start playing from our family room speakers. Before we do anything my Mom insists that we take family pictures. Every year she says:

“It’s only a couple I promise.” But every single year she takes about fifty which always starts the day off bad. After the dreadful pictures we start looking through our stockings, usually just a pack of gum, some candy, and a small toy or accessory.  After the excitement of ONE HUNDRED pictures and looking in our stockings, we get to the real fun and head over to the tree that my father and I picked out just like we do every year. As we started opening our presents I started off with an amazing present from my family, I got new lacrosse cleats which i very much needed because my feet are gigantic. The day started out amazing and was looking great so far. The next present I opened was a University of North Carolina sweatshirt. The next… a sweatshirt, after that, another sweatshirt.

I GOT SEVEN SWEATSHIRTS. Yes seven. I don’t know why this happened or what my parents were trying to do but if they were trying to make me mad, it worked. I felt bad being so mad on Christmas so I just tried playing it cool. I think my family started to because everyone was talking to me very nicely, a little too nicely. I carried on opening sweatshirts and other clothes which I did need but I think it was a little overkill.

Finally after everyone was done for some reason I was almost happy it was over because so far it was not going so well for me.

Me and my brother were sitting on our couch talking about our present.

“Jake, did you like the present you got?” My brother questioned

“Well…. it was not what I expected.” I responded. I didn’t know what else to say.

We were taking a break from presents and eating breakfast when my Dad asked me a question.

“Jake can you come help me get one last present for your mother upstairs?”

“Yea sure Dad.” I said, showing no excitement at all. We started toward the stairs and then headed up. We walked into my brothers old room, which has not been being used. When the door swung open I saw the rest of my family sitting on the extra bed in the room. I looked towards the back of the room to see a new desk with nothing on it.

“Now you can put your laptop on there!” My mother said with enthusiasm. I didn’t reply. It was a nice present but…

“Jake there’s more than that.” My Dad said.

“Open the closet door.” My sister followed. I walked over to the closet and twisted the brass door knob. The door opened and I saw five boxes stacked on top of each other.

Later that night after opening the boxed it turned out to the best present ever. A new Alienware computer with a Logitech mouse and Alienware keyboard. It also came along with speakers and a benQ monitor. And don’t forget the desk.

Later that night when my Dad and I were setting up the computer I realized how much of a JERK I sounded like. I complained about getting sweatshirts and then got a very expensive computer and accessories. I hope my parents and family understand what I was feeling because I really do appreciate what I have and I am very thankful for it.


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5 thoughts on “The Night Before Two Days After Christmas Eve

    1. True, Ryan, it can be a bit confusing, but I like Jake’s title. It makes the reader wonder. Can you say anything positive about his post?

  1. Nice story jake i can relate to your story because my parents always take a bunch of pictures.
    (ps. you’re really lucky that you got that benQ monitor)

  2. This is a great story Jake, I like how you included suspense. Also I can relate to the picture thing, my mom can be extremely annoying about it on Christmas. One thing I would work on is your paragraphs, your dialog was not on its own line.

  3. Nice story Jake. My parents always take a ton of pictures too. I like the small details you added like when you said you felt the cold brass door. You are lucky you got a nice computer.

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