The Day the Johnson Went Down  

We were just about finished with dragging our boat onto the small tiny island. My brother and I were so tired that we were about to collapse. The waves were on our side and that helped a lot. The water was cold and we almost were losing our feeling to our feet, we were covered in goosebumps. Finally when the boat hit the sandbar all we had to do was let it float in.

“Get up Tyler”, Jake yelled in my ear. When I opened my eyes I knew why Jake was here, it was the perfect time to fish. It was a cold and breezy summer day. It was slightly raining and the lake had a thin layer of fog on it. Jake and I headed down to the boat to see its condition. The boat only had a few broken seats and the windows were only cracked a little. The boat was in its prime now. We loaded up with supplies and food and were finally ready to go. Of course we were waiting on our grandpa. But in a few minutes we saw him walking down in the pumpkin. It was a huge orange life jacket that must of had 50 straps. When he reached the boat he hopped right in and we were ready to rumble. The gas tank said it was full, so we started the engine. In a blink of an eye we were flying across the water. The engine was smoking but it was still in great condition.

By then the fog had disappeared off the lake and it was crystal clear. We were halfway out to our fishing spot and then I took the wheel. We were still popping over the waves and we could feel the water in our face. But then all of a sudden I took a sharp turn and hit a bump in the water. We were 20 yards from our destination as we hit the bump the engine flew up in the air and did a huge cannonball into the water. We were stuck! Jake and I were panicking so much that I thought we both going to faint. We had no way to make it back to shore so we put on our thinking brains. Of course our grandpa made one up and we thought it was crazy. But he our only chance of staying alive. “First we need rope, tape, and then we need you to in the water”, said grandpa. At first we thought he was crazy but when he pushed us in we knew he was serious. As we hit the water all the hair on our body suck up. We were freezing!

As our grandpa was putting together his invention, Jake and I wondered if we were going to have to pull the boat in while our grandpa relaxed on it. And of course the words that came out of his mouth was, “pull us in boys”. I was in shock, thinking that this  idea was physically impossible.

After the first five minutes of pulling and tugging I thought I was going to die because I was so tired. But somehow we had the strength to keep dragging on. We were within 15 yards of the tiny beach when we took our final break. We jumped into the boat and we took a sip of gatorade. It was the first good thing we had all day. After the break we jumped right back in and were ready to work.  

Finally after ten more yards we hit the sand bar. We floated in for about five minutes and then we hit dry land.

“Now all we have to do is wait for a boat to pick us up”, says Jake. It only took a few minutes for a boat to pick us up and bring us to safety.

When the day was over and I was in bed I always think to myself was all of this my fault? This memory always seems to pop into my head when I hear someone say fishing. The memory of this fishing adventure was very important because I know my grandpa will not be here in a few years. This memory has showed me that spending time with our grandparents is very important.

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  1. I like how you described every single thing that happened during this memory and I really got a good understanding of what your memory was about. What would you have done different in the situation if you had the chance? Where you scared? Overall it was a great essay, I cant imagine what it was like to be in that situation.

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