Margaret and the Water Bottle

I squeezed the green Gatorade bottle in Nicole’s hands and the water went shooting up and went into the air and splattered on Margaret who was talking to her friends. As soon as that water hit her she turned around and gave Nicole and I the evil eyes. I really hoped that Margaret wouldn’t be too mad.

This had all started at the beginning of the school day when Nicole brought her Gatorade bottle to school. “Squirt” went the sound of her water when Nicole would squeeze the bottle in Crina and my face to get a little bit of water out.

“Could you please!”said Crina after like the 20th time. But Nicole just kept ignoring us and kept squirting us. Throughout the whole day she kept making that squirting sound with her Gatorade water bottle I was getting more and more irritated.  

So during French, I decided to steal her wonderful water bottle and squirt her back. So squirt went the water bottle in French right in Nicole’s face

“Blah!” she said.

“Now you know how I feel!” I said in answer. She stuck out her tongue and grabbed her water bottle back. So we kept squirting the green bottle back and forth and back and forth until the end of the day when the 2:50 bell rang for dismissal and everyone sprinted out of the classrooms so we could go home and enjoy the weekend. We walked down the ramp to the bus loop and found Crina and Maddy on the way to the bus loop. Then, squirt went the water bottle right in my face again and this time I had had enough. I grabbed the water bottle that was still in Nicole’s hands and I squeezed as hard as I possibly could and the water went flying, but the water bottles was no longer pointed at Nicole. It hit Margaret and she turned around and gave us her evil eyes.

“It was Kiki’s fault” Nicole said right away

“Sorry, Margaret but this wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been squirting your water bottle at me all day so it technically is also your fault!”

“No it’s your fault for spraying her!” she answered Then, Crina who was standing next to Nicole decided that she wanted to help the situation.

“Okay it was an accident but you guys don’t need to yell about it. We can solve the problem without yelling” she said

“Crina! If you are trying to help the situation it’s not helping” Nicole and I yelled back.

And then Crina just shut-up.

“Crina, always the flower child,” Maddy said

In my head I was smiling like crazy. Then I saw my buss and without a goodbye to Nicole or Crina, I walked toward my buss with Maddy right next to me since she was going home with me. When I got off the buss, I got a text from Nicole saying that she was sorry and that she shouldn’t have kept squirting me with her water bottle. I then texted back that I was sorry too and that I shouldn’t have took the situation that far. After that, it never happened again.


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1 thought on “Margaret and the Water Bottle

  1. Wow you guys resolve problems really, really…well. The title kind of reminds me of James and the Giant Peach for some reason. I feel like the part of you stealing Nicole’s water bottle is so relate able with a lot of her stuff. And you guys yelling “jokingly” at Crina. It’s funny how this was a story of just one incident, but basically the same thing goes down everyday with different object. Nice job!!!!

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