Seams Good

“Click” the door went as i opened it. the textured plastic brushed my hand as i heaved my body into the massive truck. As soon as my dad had plopped the equipment into the trunk, he hopped in the car also.He turned the matte black key sideways after he inserted it into the glossy metal that bordered the steering wheel. The car came to life and shook the ground rattling everything loose in the back of the car. it hummed like when you scratch a cat the right way.


The car took off down the driveway rolling over the assortment of pebbles that filled our drive way, top to bottom. We turned off the driveway onto the main road and most of my dad’s work utensils in the back toppled over and spilled out onto the floor followed by my dad mumbling some angry slur.

“this time make sure you get under the ball.” my dad said in a fairly frustrated tone.

“ok” i responded unenthusiastically.

I thought about what he said and acknowledged  it but didn’t take it to heart.


“grackleachelka” The sound of the tires brushing against the gravel parking lot filled the car. the noise came to a halt as the car lurched to a stop. my dad took the key out and the sound of the engine abruptly retreated. i once again yanked on the car handle and the door popped open as i pushed it the rest of the way out. i landed on the gravel with a small crunch of the gravel. i retrieved my baseball gear out of the trunk and followed my dad to the small bright green field that i was all too familiar with at my school. my glove fell out of my grasp. I reached down to grab it when my baseball bat fell also. I dropped everything and tried to find  a better, more efficient way to carry all my gear. i put to glove around the bat and looped one of the knots around the butt of the batt and with the other hand i held the bag of balls.


i made my way to the vast outfield and dropped all the junk i had just lugged out there.

“COME BRING ME THE BAT!” my dad hollered from home plate.

i hustled into the infield carrying the bat and handed  to my dad and then proceeded to swiftly return to my previous location. I put on my glove and he began to hit them to me.

“ready?” he said,

not waiting for me to answer but in a way of just telling me he was going to hit one.

“cling” the bat rang through out the air and the ball took off. I positioned myself accordingly and put my glove out to the side as soon as i saw the glistening “Rawlings” logo come into focus. my eyes were forced shut and it was followed by a quick “thud”. I glanced down and there was a small divot in the ground about 3 to 4 inches away from a chic white ball with a dirty splotch on the bottom. I reached down and picked the ball up. I quickly contemplated what my dad told me and decided to attempt it. I threw the ball back to my dad and it bounced twice before reaching him at home.

“ Keep your glove in front of your face, get under the ball, don’t hold your glove out to the side”

He hollered at me.

He gave me a thumbs up and tossed one up. He hammered it into the outfield and i once again positioned myself. I put my glove out in front of me when i saw the rawlings logo once again come into focus. i wimped out. My eyes slammed shut and the ball beaned me in the shoulder. i Shrieked in agony. My dad rushed over,

“are you ok?!” my dad said

“yeah” i replied semi embarrassed

“do you want to go home?” my dad said sort of shocked.

“no” i replied determined to catch the ball.

He returned to home plate slowly glancing back at me. He arrived,

“ready?” he asked,

waiting for me to respond.

“yes” i said

He tossed the ball up, hit it, and it flew threw the air. It hit the peak of its venture and started to descend. The logo came into focus and i braved it. i raised my glove and forced my eyes open. the ball smacked into my glove and stayed. i internally celebrated and i saw my dad grin. I threw the ball back and he hit another, I caught it again.


My dad continued to hit them to me and i got really consistent. My team arrived and my dad and i got off the field. He congratulated me it felt good. it Felt like getting an a on a test. What was once a fear, is now no problem



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3 thoughts on “Seams Good

  1. Christian,
    I really liked your piece and how it was about overcoming your fears. Also, I really liked how you described your dads truck and all the actions that happened, It was really easy to picture what was happening in your memoir and I liked how you said, “It hummed like the way a cat does when you scratch it the right way”.
    -Jake Fones

  2. Dear Christian,

    I really liked the plot line of your memoir! The dialogue in your piece also made the memoir really detailed, and interesting to read. Nice job! – Michael

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