Catch, Kick, Punt

                                              Catch, Kick, Punt






         Coach Simmons exclaimed as we quick stepped then sprawled on the ground and quickly rose back to our feet on a varying scale of 1-10 times, as we’re at the mercy of the coaches. It was the last year we were eligible Aspetuck Wildcats football, We were very intent on having fun and winning. As luck had it we were in the hardest, most hood division Connecticut had to offer with teams such as New Britain who were as big as grown men with 6 foot frames carrying 250+ pounds, we were scared out of our minds. I kept thinking I’m gonna die I’m gonna die. They were really intimidating.

      Norwalk with a little bit smaller lineman but insanely good quarterback, wide receiver, and running back made a really lethal team. We weren’t too confident because we had normally lost to them, but we were feeling lucky today, we sprung out to a 8-0 lead! Our first lead against them ever, but then we lost our two best running backs and we got slammed 40-14 in the second half.



    We were a group of 22 kids, 14 Easton 8 Redding. We weren’t that good of a team but we still got some good wins and close losses. After each game our coach would give us a speech to congratulate us or pump us up for next game and I would think about what he said and it really inspired most of us.  We felt pretty good after each game.


        We had a very good last game against Woodland, We had some good catches, great kicks, and amazing picks. Also it is good to know that our quarterback would never get tackled so we called him the golden boy. One day we were playing ultimate football we tackled him twice and made him fumble, it was amazing! That was how our season ended, it was a good run and I can’t wait for high school football at Joel Barlow high school.


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8 thoughts on “Catch, Kick, Punt

  1. Great story, i really enjoyed reading it! You also had some funny lines that really made me laugh! Amazing job!

  2. i loved all the description and how i can relate to your story. Making brett fumble was one of the best days of the season. And brad oh boy. New britian was insane and i think you have a very well written memoir

  3. Dear Louie,

    I enjoyed reading your memoir. You incorporated a load of good description and really wrote the story well. I’m glad that you had a good last game. Great story overall


  4. I really liked reading your story because you described the speech part very well. I also liked how you described all about your football season and all the fun and close games you guys had. Great Memoir.



  5. I really liked your memoir. I enjoyed the dialogue you put in the beginning. It really started your story off with a bang. I also liked how you described the New Britain team with 6 foot frames carrying 250+ lbs. Great job.


  6. I really liked reading your memoir! The way you used specific facts, team names and scores really made your memoir more detailed and discriptive! Nice job!! – Michael Farnen

  7. Dear Louie,
    I like the title of your story. It is unique and its what made me want to read your memoir. I liked how in the ending of your memoir, you offered the reader a sense of closure, and you showed the path for the future. Keep on writing.

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