Stuck on Splash Mountain

Five years ago when I was in third grade my parents took me, my brother, and my sister to Disney World.  This was my sister’s and my second time going to Disney, it would be my brothers first.

“Hanna, wake up.” my mother whispered. She had snuck into my grandparents room over to my small cot. “It’s time to go.”

“Where are we going?” I replied, wide awake with excitement.

“It’s a surprise!”

We sat in the car that we had rented (it smelled like oranges) and drove. Us three kids were in and out of sleep.

“Wake up,” my mother called louder now that we could see the sun.

“We are almost there.”

I looked around for clues but my eight year old eyes must of missed something because I didn’t have a clue until I saw the sign.

“Disney,Disney,Disney!” We chanted.

We walked around the magical place all day. We went on  tons of different rides Space Mountain,  Laugh floor, It’s a small world, and Lilo and Stitch. My mom is obsessed with Mickey Mouse so we visited his and Minnie’s houses which were really cool. Space Mountain was definitely one of my favorites it was so dark and scary but, so much fun.


Once we got tired my parents finally told us the really exciting news, we were staying in a MOTEL!   The motel had a pool, and two queen size beds,and you could take a trolley right into Disney.  We made sleeping arrangements since there was only two beds. My mom and sister got the bed farthest from the door, my dad and brother got the one right next to theres and I got the pull out near the door, lucky me!

Once everyone was sleeping I was shaken awake once again. But, this time I had been warned. Earlier in the day my mom had come up to me asking me if I wanted to do something fun with my dad that night, of course I said yes. My dad and I rushed onto the trolley we were some of the only people on it.
“Are you excited?” my dad asked while on the trolley.

“Of,course I’m excited it’s Disney!”

“You know we probably won’t go on any rides, the lines are too long.”

“It’s fine, I just really want to see the fireworks. Why didn’t you bring Morgan?”

“Morgan was tired and I wanted to spend time with you.”

We quickly jumped off the trolley and raced to a place to watch the fireworks. They were beautiful all different colors like blue, green, red, yellow, and purple. They were all different shapes too! Some were circles with little dots, or smiley faces, or mickey mouse but, the best part of the whole display was when Tinkerbell flew across the sky.  She must of flew across all of Disney. I was amazed.


While I was watching a nice lady saw my dad and I and offered us both two free  tickets to Splash Mountain. I was really excited and scared because it would be my first really scary ride! The lady had given us FastPass so, while everyone was waiting in the super long line, watching the fiery fireworks, we got to go straight to the top!

We decided to to sit in the middle of the log shaped ride so we wouldn’t get that wet.  All of a sudden we were headed to the top winding through the twisty maze. Then we stopped…right in front of loud, obnoxious, annoying, singing animals. The animals were cute for the first ten minutes but, since we were sitting in front of them for a million years it got boring fast.

“Why are we stopping?” I questioned my dad.

“I don’t know,” he responded “somebody probably stood up.”

“How long will we be stuck here?”

“ Probably, thirty minutes.”


“So how has school  been?”

“It’s school, it’s ok.”

“Well is there anything important that you’re working on?”

“Not really, we are reading a book called Stone Fox. We are doing a project on that.”

“What type of project?”

“It’s a shadow project, we use the projectors and ourselves to make shadows to act out the book, it’s really fun!”

And just like that the ride started up again. We were about to enter the scary part of the ride so we could see what was ahead. The ride jolted forward. It was dark. There were fake vultures squawking and talking and you could hear the others people’s screams as they took the plunge.

Then…we plummeted as soon as I saw the thorns waiting to greet us I closed my eyes, screaming.  The people in front of us got soaked and even though we weren’t in the front we still got pretty wet.

I loved spending time alone with my dad. I never really got alone with him because he has to share his time with my mom, two brothers, and my sister, too.  We always have so much fun together and I’m so glad that I get to share this special memory with him.

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4 thoughts on “Stuck on Splash Mountain

  1. I really liked how much description you put into your memoir. I’m wondering what it must have been like to sit on a ride for thirty minutes listening to an animal sing. I Remember the stone fox book for seconded or third grade. Overall it was a great memoir.

  2. Your memoir was really good!!! You included a lot of detail and suspense. It must have been scary to have to sit on a ride for 30 minutes!! Anyways, your story was really well written!!
    Good Job!!!
    Hannah Wergeles

  3. Dear Hanna,
    I really liked and enjoyed reading your memoir. It was full of detail and I liked the dialogue. It was nice that you and your dad got to spend time without your little siblings and I bet you liked that. I also found it funny when you and your dad got stuck on the ride and had to say there for 30 minutes. Really liked your story!!

  4. Dear Hannah, I really enjoyed your memoir! IT was really good! I found it funny how you got stuck on splash mountain and dropped when you weren’t ready! I really enjoyed your story.

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