The Last Unpacking


It’s a hot June day. A scorching 90 degrees. Were in the middle of Stratford in a small, 3 bed, 1 bath house. Me, my mom, and my brother begin loading boxes in the U HAUL and my mom’s blue car and drive to Easton. Right when I got to Easton I could tell this is a whole different town than Stratford.There aren’t 7 Subways or Dunkin Donuts within a few blocks from each other, or the many stores and restaurants that surround the streets. There’s land as far as the eye can see that seems to go on for what feels like forever.


Pulling up to the house, felt like how an ant looked up to a person. The house was massive.

I went from a small 3 bed 1 bath house, to a huge 4 bed, 2 bath, 3 living rooms, and 2 dining room house. We start unpacking. I get my room nice and organized just the way I like it. Summer goes by and bit by bit, walls get painted, pictures go up, and furniture comes in. The house starts to take its shape and feels cozy and inviting.


Before I knew it, it was the start to the school year and I was super nervous and excited to start. The first day of school was pretty rough for me. I knew nobody and nothing about the school. I didn’t feel like I fit in with everyone and just plain out didn’t like being there. I wasn’t caught up with everyone else so it was harder for me to do my school work and homework. Plus on top of homework, I had to take care of 6 horses from when I got home at 3:30 to past 7:00 everyday. I was doing anything from grooming to exercising to cleaning the barn to feeding and much more.

Even though I left all my friends and the town I grew to love, I found new friends and a new town to love. My friends have helped me and been with me through this transition and now I feel like I finally belong at this school.

Out of all the 7 houses I’ve been in, and the constant packing up and moving, I can finally call this house and this town, home and the last unpacking.

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3 thoughts on “The Last Unpacking

  1. Great story! I also spend a lot of time in Stafford, though i have never moved and i have always lived in Easton. I really enjoyed reading and im glad your liking Easton!

  2. Great story! I also spend a lot of time in Stafford, though i have never moved and i have always lived in Easton. I really enjoyed reading and i’m glad your liking Easton!

  3. Dear Anthony,
    I love your story! The closing was the best part, though I can’t relate to you moving at all, but it was a really nice ending how you reflected back to the 7 houses and incorporated the then to the now in the end. Maybe next time transition things a bit better and detail the house better or your first day of school. Overall a nice job on this story, and I’m happy you are liking it here though you’ve already been here for over a year and I’m glad to be one of your friends.

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