Glass Bubble

“It’s the police you blew the whistle and now the police are coming” Zoe yelled at me She was frustrated at me and she should be.

“Zoe how was I supposed to know that would happen!” I yelled back I sat down on the boat and chucked the whistle at the lake.

I watched as it slowly sank in the mucky water. The police siren went louder and louder and my insides blushed bright red like a tomato. I’m in trouble like really big trouble as in right now. I might of done the most stupidest things in the world and I have done very stupid things in my life trust me and no one’s to blame but me, myself, and I. How did this happen you might ask until I get lectured by my parents or the police, or laughed at by my brother. I will just tell you what happened earlier this morning.


The crisp soon to be autum breeze blew against our tent. No one was in it but me. My parents sleeping bag was unoccupied and so was my brothers. I yawned and I could still smell aftertaste of roasted fruits and marshmallows. I took out my phone to see how bad my hair looked in the morning and like I suspected messy hair. I caught a glimpse of my pink brush hiding under my pillow. I took it out and brushed every strand of hair until it was free of tangles. Then made two strong braids in my hair. I got up putting my brush down and found my fuzzy pink slippers in the corner of our tent. I put them on then walked outside. All I could think of is what happened the night before. Laughing hard at Bram’s stories, running around the campsite at night from our siblings as we played tag ( I always get tagged first I guess hiding behind the plate of candy isn’t such a good idea), tripping over a tree stump earlier that evening, and the sweet roasted smell of fresh peaches, and marshmallow.


As I left the tent and walked over to my family and friends they were eating a gourmet breakfast. Which included bagels, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and mochas which we all loved. After stuffing our faces with food and multiple mocha cups we decided to take a walk on the beach. Bram our family friends Zoe’s little brother raced with my older brother on the rocky gritty shore. They ran and ran like race horses determined to beat each other in everything. They splashed in inch deep water with sandy toes and tired feet. Zoe and me meanwhile took off our flip flops talking about whatever came to our minds. Ahead we saw boats on the water entering from a little shack hidden by a boulder. They boys raced to the shack giving us hand gestures to follow them. We shrugged and lightly jogged to where they were.

Boats of all sizes and colors flashed my eyes. Canoes, speed boats, kayaks, and paddle boards. Bram gasped I knew what he was thinking, we all did. As the owner of the rentals talked to some other campers Bram went into one of the canoes pretending to paddle. We laughed at his imagination of rough sea’s until the man came towards us. Next thing we know our parents rush over to rent some boats. Zoe and I caught a glimpse of a red canoe all polished and looked new as can be. We quickly sat down claiming it with our bags and sunglasses. Bram walked towards us and started to whine about how our boat looked better than his which really wasted our time. But there’s no way were giving in that easy. “But it’s newer and more cool, it’s even more polished than our stinking yellow boat” he would say.

We ignored Bram and thankfully Zoe’s mom came over and made him ride in the rustic looking canoe. The owner of the rentals told us the rules of the lake. “Blah, blah, blah safety, blah, blah, blah, help whistle, blah” I didn’t really listen I mean come on what’s the worse to happen on a boat right? One thing lead to another and we were gliding on the water like sea horses with no tommorow. We started to get ahead of everyone going fast and steady with each stroke paddling in harmony. Our parents warned us “If you don’t slow down then you will have kitchen duty for the rest of this trip” my father would call. Of course we didn’t want that so we came to a halt. On the lake everything reflected like a mirror I saw myself on the canoe with Zoe and the geese flying ahead honking in packs, like wolves of the timber.

We all wanted to paddle to the public beach but after seeing some fellow caoners ahead we decided not to. “If you’re going to the beach then you have to be a member of the park” the man said warning us. Well there goes our plans for today. As Zoe and I started to turn the boat around my father kept going straight. “Over here behind the little lake island” he whispered. My father and Zoe’s dad paddled to the little island and we all looked in confusion. But when our dad’s got a plan it’s usually a good one. We turned and watched what they did. They pulled the boats on a deserted island parking inbetween the rocks. We followed and did the same. I jumped in the water splashing around like children.

until my older brother went under the water tugging at our feet dragging us down into the dark lake water. He grabbed my foot bringging me down. I kicked hard not knowing what it was. I gasped of air as I went to the surface of the water. 

“Shark, shark, under the water!” I squelled trying to swim away from the area I was dragged and onto the rocky shore. 

“Get out everyone before it gets you too!” I tried getting the boat off the rocks.

Zoe looked at me concerned which wasn’t that bad cause everyone does that to me. She tried stopping me from getting our canoe. 

“Abby calm down”

“Save the candy, tell my pets I loved them if I get eaten”

“Abby your not eaten or dying”

“Something took me down”

“It was Cole, Abby! Sharks don’t live in fresh water only in salt water!”

Zoe shook my shoulders I glared at my brother as Bram and him laughed like wild dogs. We all swam in the lake water until we thought we heard the water police which it wasn’t. Just some teenagers playing music on a speed boat.

We all got on our boats and paddled away acting like nothing happened. Zoe and I were behind and started to drift even more. It came to a point where our parents looked like dust speaks.

“Hey” we yelled no one stopped.

“Stop guys were behind”

“Mom dad”

“Help, stop, wait!”

No one cared they couldn’t hear us. It felt like we were in a glass bubble and no one can hear us but Zoe and I. We screamed until our voices hurt and paddled until we waisted our strength. We still paddled but slowly. Zoe stopped the boat and looked in the mucky, green, brown, lake water. She bended down to see if the canoe was stuck on anything. It scared me when she bend down. It felt like a Jaws movie where the poor innocent people stopped there sail boats and right when they look down in the water “Bam” they get eaten. But there no sharks in freshwater as I learned that today so I felt better.

“Is it stuck on anything?”

“No not that I can see”

“What do you think it is?”

“I think we’re going against the tide”

Zoe told me and I nodded in agreement. “It getting harder and harder” I told her trying not to give up.

It came to a point where any good idea of getting someone to hear us was very important. I looked below me. There in muck laid the green whistle.

“Zoe!” I screamed with joy.

“The whistle I could blow it”.

She looked at me “But it’s for emergencies”

“Ummm This is an Emergency”

“ The police might come” she warned.

“ Nah the police are half way across the lake”

“Abby no”

“What other choice do we have?”

Zoe shrugged  “Ok, ok” she hesitated “Blow it”

I blew it strong and loud. I didn’t know how hard I blew it but it must of been loud since I saw Zoe cover her ears. Our parents boats stopped immediately and they turned around. “it’s working!” I but then I realized what they were looking at.

The police boat was coming we all heard the sirens loud and clear. The other campers around the campsite looked at us with one of those faces that say “Ugg teenagers these days”

“It’s the police you blew the whistle and now the police are coming”Zoe yelled at me.

“Zoe how was I supposed to know that would happen!”I yelled back.  

You get it right? Stupid of me and even worse I blew it another time by accident which well… was even more bad.

“ What do we do now” I asked.

“Paddle Abby, paddle fast”

We started to paddle faster and faster like before gliding on the lake again like seahorses. We finally got caught up to our parents who looked like there were going to explode with anger. My older brother and Bram snickered quietly. And I know that after this we would be in huge trouble. The police boat came and surprisingly left I guess they thought we were fine which was good cause I would of been grounded for like a year if they did come. Like I predicted my father yelled at me and I laughed at and it wasn’t a good idea. I just can’t picture my dad becoming serious. Zoe too got yelled at but after we returned the boats we all laughed at this incadent. This memory is physically drilled into my brain and I really can’t stop thinking about it. And now to this day as I sit in my language arts class typing away I am not trusted with a whistle by the way this happend a year ago. 

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5 thoughts on “Glass Bubble

  1. Dear Zoe,
    Even though you told this story to me in class, it is still funny, and makes a perfect memoir. I really liked how you used a lot of dialogue.


  2. I liked how you gave started the story with the ending to show it and add suspense. You had a lot of talking which is good to show character interaction through out the story.


  3. Dear Zoe
    Nice story. You and Abby told me in class though. It was funny and I liked the suspense. Keep up the good work!

  4. Actually bull sharks can live in fresh and salt water and it also happens to be one of the most aggressive sharks, aside from the hammerhead.

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