Lauren’s Letter Essay #3: The Raft

Dear Classmates,

I recently finished the book The Raft by S.A. Bodeen. This is a great book if you like suspense and it’s a real page turner. Also the author S.A. Bodeen has also written Compound and The Gardener. She is a great writer and this book is full of action and adventure and this might be one of my favorite books. I chose this book because I wanted something like an adventure book and I asked my friend do you know of any good adventure books and my friend said the raft. And once I heard that I said perfect I will read that. In the book robie lives on a group of islands the midway atoll and she went to visit her aunt in honolulu for a week. When her aunt leaves for an unexpected business trip. Robie tries to catch a flight back home but when the plane crashes there’s robie and max who are the only two left and they will have to find there way back home and survive off of one bag of skittles in the middle of the ocean. This book reminded me of Life Of Pi because of the concept of being in the middle of the ocean with one other person that’s a stranger to them, also because they had to live off the resources. I like how the author made the main character a teenage girl because in the beginning the aunt wants to send Robie back home when she leaves for her business trip but Robie wants to stay because she thinks she’s independent enough to stay alone, but she really isn’t. The character development in this story is admirable because she is not a very strong female in the beginning but when she has to fight through the hardship of being in the middle of the ocean with a stranger she becomes stronger.The quoted passage i’m about to quote takes place on the plane when robie is going home. “Not totally quiet, but there was just less of a drone then there had been. I leaned over and peered out the window at the starboard engine. At the end of the wing, a blue light winked. Usually, the propellers were nearly invisible in flight, because they were turning so rapidly. But as lighting flashed, I could very clearly see the propeller circling slowly, turning only with the movement of the plane. That engine had stopped.” This quote on page 26. I chose this passage because Robie has no clue that the plane is going to crash and when I first read this it was a surprise to me as well when they started going down. I would rate this book a 8 out of 10.



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3 thoughts on “Lauren’s Letter Essay #3: The Raft

  1. Lauren,
    I am glad you liked this book. Something I really liked that you did in your letter essay and stood out to me the most, was how you compared similarities in this book to Life of Pi. Good job :))

  2. Lauren,
    Is great that you like this book! I remember reading this last year… it was a greatttttt book. I really liked how your description of the book had lots of detail. I would rate that book a 8 out of 10 too.
    Good job!!! ; )

  3. Lauren
    That book sounds awsome and like U said very suspenseful, I couldn’t imagine living even 3 days on a raft 😀

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