Jake F.’s Letter Essay #4: Because of Mr.Terupt

I recently finished reading Because of Mr.Terupt. I really enjoyed this book because it reminded me of a lot of the things that happen around here. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading books from many different perspectives. There are many different characters in the book who are all very unique to one another. The author of this book is Rob Buyea he is the author of two other books in the Mr.Terupt series including Mr.Terupt Falls Again, and Saving Mr.Terupt.


Its the beginning of fifth grade and Mr.Terupt is a brand new teacher. He is meeting his class for the first time and he has no idea what he has coming his way.Jessica is the smart, new girl and is not having the best first few days.Luke is the smart one who knows everything and excels at everything possible. Anna has a home life she’s embarrassed about, and just wants to disappear. Of course there has to be a class clown that’s Peter who doesn’t care much about school but more about making everyone laugh however he can. Lexie is the bully and drama queen she might seem like your friend but she’s really not. Danielle is the overweight girl who cannot stand up for herself at all. I feel very bad for Danielle. Mr. Terupt seems like just eh perfect teacher to help all of his students in a special way. Everything seems well until a winter day that changes everyone’s life forever. In ILA we are learning about irony and in this books there is lots of irony. My favorite part is when the kids are doing a science project with plants and they are doing many experiments on their plants. The final test is to create some substance to give to their plants. Luke the smart one is doing all this stuff to come up with the perfect way to do this test. So knowing that he is the very smartest i would think he would come up with something amazing but his substance makes the whole thing explode and the entire school must evacuate. This is an example of situational irony.


My favorite thing that Rob Buyea did in this story is made all of the characters have their own take on the situation. It really made the story different in a good way, it also made me stay very interested in the book because I wanted to see how the others would react to events like the exploding plant.


“If you love someone, you don’t quit on them just because they make a mistake.”


I really like this because i’ve been told this so many times and it is so true. I really understand what Mr.Terupt is saying here. I wish that the rest of the world would understand that people make mistakes and that just because of one thing you cannot hate them it’s just not fair.


This is now my favorite book and I would give it a ten out of ten because when I read it I felt so many connections to the book and I really hope that anyone else who has read this book agrees because it really is an amazing book and I know that I am going to read the next two in the series.



Jake Forte

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4 thoughts on “Jake F.’s Letter Essay #4: Because of Mr.Terupt

  1. Jake,
    This is one of my favorite books, too. I felt a very strong emotional connection to it, reading it right before this current school year began. I’m glad you felt similarly. . . . Your letter-essay has what it needs except for the Reflection part, which is a bit lacking. However, you make up for that in your identification and explanation of an example of situational irony in the book.

  2. Jake,
    I really liked your letter essay and how you described the book. Also, I liked how you related the book to what we have learned in class, like irony. I have seen this book in Mr. Jockers library and in the media center and have wanted to read this for a long time, and your letter essay really redirected me to wanting to read it soon.
    Jake Fones

  3. Jake,

    I read this a few years ago and loved it. I remember it being my favorite book for so long. I agree and feel that this book should also be rated a ten out of ten. I love the line from the book that you chose and feel the same way about it.

    Good Job!!
    Hannah Wergeles

  4. Jake,

    I read this book in 5th and I loved it. I would also rate it a ten out of ten, this book is still one of my favorites. Rob Buyea is a great author this is my favorite book that’s written by him. Your summary was great you explained the book very well. Overall you did a great job on your letter essay.


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