Kieran’s Letter Essay #4: The Sky People

Recently I finished a book called The Sky People by S.M. Stirling, it is a Sci-Fi that takes place on Venus in 1988. Venus had animals like Dinosaurs, Saber tooth, and even giant bugs. The main character of the book is named Marc Vitrac who was sent to the U.S. Commonwealth base on Venus to basically learn about the abnormal activity, but also we wanted to claim land like in 1492 the arrival of Columbus. It’s already hard mapping the area observing the weather air animals but we are facing a force that is preventing us from settlement, a force that is meant to be reckoned with that we call The Sky people.

The Sky People is about a man named Marc who was sent to Venus in 1988 to join the U.S. Commonwealth but the reason why he was sent to Venus was to destroy a force that was known as the Sky People. Their plan for him was that he’d go to find the Cloud Mountain People a tribe that originally lives in a mountain so high it reaches the clouds. He was meant to meet with the chief Teesa who they hope will lead them to a species called Cosmonauts. They believed that the Cosmonauts would have had the answer to finding the Sky People to finally make peace with the Venusian race and finally settle on Venus.

This book reminded me of the West Ward Expansion in 1803. It’s not a book or based off of a book but we the Americans were running away from tribes, working with tribes, observing, homesteading, and then settling. I liked how Stirling (the author) used extinct animals from earth, and then put them on Venus, which in his story was a huge jungle land instead of a giant rocky desert. I would say that the theme of this book is to keep fighting and exploring no matter what the obstacles are. I was interested in this passage “You have given my people more than this,” Teesa said holding up her bow for an instant. “What then?” Marc said in her own language. “You have given us hope.” She said gravely “Now we will not lose the memory of our holy places our long home.” Page 227. What interested me was that Teesa almost threatened Marc for giving them hope (essentially) but also she didn’t seem to happy/thankful either even under those circumstances there should have been something to be thankful for. Now this was a good book, it had a lot of creativity put into it as well as action but sometimes I felt like Stirling would  just jump to a certain part with no explanation making reading somewhat hard and confusing but overall it was a pretty good book therefore I rate this book a 4/5 star rating.

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6 thoughts on “Kieran’s Letter Essay #4: The Sky People

  1. This seems like a very interesting book, Kieran, and you did a nice job of explaining it for your readers. For your next letter-essay, just add a little more to your elaboration (each one should be a short paragraph), and, when ranking the book, rank it out of 10. Thanks.

  2. Kieran, this book seems very interesting, and your letter essay was very well written, I thought it was clever of you to make a connection to the westward expansion. Its always good it you can tie two academic topics together, which is what you did. Overall good job!

    From, Carl

      1. Kieran,
        Your letter essay was written really well! I could tell you spent some time of it. I think I’ll check out this book!

  3. Dear Kieran
    Overall your letter essay was very well written. I liked how you connected it back to social studies by including the westward expansion. This book seems very interesting maybe I will have to try it.

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