Robbie’s Letter Essay 4: The Dogs

I read the book “The Dogs” By Allan Stratton. The book is 272 pages long. The genre is thriller/ fiction. I read this because i got a recommendation from a teacher. This book was a good thriller and a very good book overall.

This book is about a boy named Cameron and his mother are on the run from their crazed father. They were living in a small town when they thought their father caught up to them to capture them. So they fled to an isolated farm to escape their father. They have been on the run for the past 5 years. The first night Cameron and his mother are at the farm Cameron hears and thinks he see things that aren’t possible. Soon Cameron begins to question everything he knew and knows and even his sanity. Cameron believes that there are ghosts are at the barn. Whats buried in the past? Cameron must uncover whats been hiding, before it tears him apart!

A quote i afound interesting is one from their neighbor Mr.Sinclair “I dont have time for memories to busy making them” This┬ásurprised me that someone who has been on the for so long and knows a lot about its past wouldn’t want to help a child in need. I would rate this book a 10/10 because this book made me not want to put it down it kept me on edge the whole time, i read it the book in 2 nights. Not one book ive ever read got a 10 but i think this one deserves it!

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7 thoughts on “Robbie’s Letter Essay 4: The Dogs

  1. Robbie,
    I’m glad you liked the book. But, this letter-essay is lacking some information, such as: information about the author, and a Reflection. I know you know what makes up a letter-essay, and this work looked a bit rushed. Let me know if you feel differently.

  2. Robbie,

    I overall enjoyed your letter-essay. The summary filled the book with suspense and made me interested in reading it. Though I would’ve of enjoyed it a lot more if you included a longer quoted passage and some more info because the summary (to me) was kind of confusing. On the parts that should be improved I agree with Mr. Jockers on what he said about it as well. Nice job!

    Parker B.

  3. Robbie, this book sounds very interesting. Really enjoyed reading your letter essay, and would like to know more about the book. Good job.

    From Carl Z

  4. I enjoyed reading your essay on the book and I think that you did a good job, but I agree with what Mr. Jockers said, you should add more information.

  5. Robbie
    It’s not the most detailed essay but I seem to really like the story it had and it’s quite scary to run away from someone who is always gonna find you but then you find a ghost!!!!!! xD

  6. I think your letter essay could have been a lot better if you had been a little more detailed in your summary and introduction section. Other than that, everything seems good except for some typos here and there ­čÖé

  7. This looks like a very good lettter essay. You wrote a good description of the book. But you could make the qutoted passage longer and the whole letter essay longer.

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