The Grate Escape

“Bye dicky gotta run” see you tomorrow.

“I’ve gotta run from the cops now because you called them on me again , for the 3rd time now ”

“Of course I’m not doing anything wrong?”

But Dick feels that way don’t know why? And he’s old… and I’ll give him that!”

It’s November 7th, 2015, leaves are collecting on my lawn red, yellow and orange leaves all mixed together on my lawn. My dogs are barking at the mailman delivering the mail to our house as he pulls away… I walk upstairs to my room to get something from my closet to sell to my favorite store in the whole world “Dickeys-Antiques Shop” on center road Easton, Connecticut.

Why is it my favorite place?

I will never forget the first time I walked into that shop my eyes lit up with amazement my grandpa and I  would go there every time he would come to Easton. But, sadly he passed away before my 13th birthday on august 9th 2015.

Now at the date of November 8th, 2015,  I am still going up to Grisers Antiques … I just went up stairs to get something from my room … now I’m walking down stairs and told my mom  

“I’m going out for a bike ride,” I told my mom walking out of the front door.

“Okay sweetie, be back in 30 minutes, and wear a jacket it’s cold out there,” she said.

“Yes mom,” I responded to her question.

I got on my bike and started to ride up to the store, when a sick feeling came to me, like this was not a good idea to sell him this pocket knife, I went with my gut and just went for it 2 seconds later, I approached the front entrance.

“Hey man, I got something you might like to buy today,” I asked the man at the front desk.  

“What is it you want to sell to me?” he asked slowly

“I have a pocket knife, I don’t want anymore and I want you to buy it from me?”

“Okay, let’s see this money worthy pocket knife,”

“Here she is,”

“Okay, but how’s the blade?”

“Good shape,” as I pull out the blade he picks up the phone and I get the sick feeling in my stomach again and I’m almost certain by the 3 buttons pressed he called 9-1-1.

I  admittedly packed my things up, and bolted out of the shop still listen to the phone . As I was running the clerk said.

“Hi officer, there’s a boy here with a knife and I feel unsafe with the situation right now could you come down and handle this

“Okay, i’ll  will be right over,” the officer said.  

By the time he puts the phone down I’m gone “like dust in the wind”. I’m outside looking down the road for flashing lights and I see them the red and blue lights and siren he’s too fast he catched  up I have no choice but to bail my bike I get off and run into the woods to my house  he did not stop and chase me instead he kept going and stopped at the store …  I kept running every 4 secants I would look behind me and see if he was looking but he was not 3 minutes latter i was in my house and in my room and hiding I that day i did not go back there for 2 weeks strite and when I returned I noticed the manager was not there but his son was … 2 secants latter … a cop walked in and I almost went into shock or fear, the officer walked to the back of the store where I was looking at the cool items like ww2 grenade and a bike and a drawing of a lake when I noticed him walk next to me I started to sweat nervously and walked around him and out the door … starting to  bike back home and stay inside for the rest of the night and never go there again but of course I still did I just like to go there and see what’s new


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