I Don’t Even Golf

I could hear the muffled cries, i was walking around dizzy holding my aching head a bit confused on what just happened. All i could see was the night mist in the air. I turned slowly to ensure i wouldn’t fall. As i neared the end of my turn i could see one of my brothers holding his forearm and blood on his fingers.

It was at that moment that i panicked.
This disaster all started when my brother Peter had the genius idea to persuade my parents into letting him take Philip, James and i on a golf cart ride. My parents were totally against the idea of Peter behind the wheel without them. But for Peter the year of being on the debate team paid off when my parents agree to our night ride. As my parents blabbered on about the two conditions of our ride: Don’t stay out for more than 20 minutes and call when you get home.
As i slipped into my flip flops, James opened the door out went Peter, Philip, James, Dad, Mom and i. My parents had a dinner to go to so as they drove out of the driveway we followed right behind. Peter looked both ways before pulling out of the driveway he turned left when a short way down our road and took a left into The Plain Open Space.

As we turned we all shifted to the right very abruptly, so abrupt that the golf cart lifted into the air like a feather and hit the ground faster than a weight.

As lifted myself off the ground, my head began to ache. I turned my head to see Peter holding his forearm in pain, i remember seeing the blood in between his fingers.
The sound of the crash must have been louder than i thought because our neighbor, Mrs.Stichter rushed over to see what all the noise was about. As she caught a glimpse Peter’s arm she gasped and made her to our house. As we got to the house she stormed to the bathroom to bandage Peter’s arm.

Looking out the window I could see the golf cart roof was in pieces next to the barn and I thought this was an eventful night. But not all events are good.

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