The Spot

“This is a really nice view,” Carl spoke. The reservoir had a little something else to it. The darkened leaves blended with the faded sunlight, which had now became just a glimmer. The place smelled of bark and leaves. You could feel the dampness of the wet ground beneath your feet as you closed in. This was one of these places that you could never find unless you were looking directly for it.

Sleepovers have always been a fun time. Whether it be playing games outside or just staying in, telling jokes while trying to keep your eyes open. It was my goofball friend Luke’s birthday. He had decided to sleepover at his house and he invited Dylan, Patrick, Carl, and Brendan. It was only about 4:30 in the afternoon in late august, so we weren’t worried about going to bed yet. We just finished our third game of basketball.

“So what now,” Dylan questioned.

“What do you want to do,” Luke responded.

“Anything but basketball,” I said with a chuckle

“You wanna take a walk?”

Carl responded first. “To where?”

“The Easton Reservoir, it’s only about a 20 minute walk from my house,” Luke responded, as if this speech was practiced. “ It’s pretty cool too. You get a really nice view.

That sold me. I had always been a sucker for views. I had hiked since I was 7 years old and continue to hike until this day.

“Yeah but isn’t that ILLEGAL,” Patrick questioned.

“Yeah but only if you get caught,” Brendan interjected. “Plus it isn’t duck hunting season yet.”

“Let’s take a vote,” Dylan suggested. “All in favor say I. 4 I’s. All opposed say nay. 2 nays.

“So it’s decided, Luke Dylan, Carl, and I will go to the reservoir. Dylan and Patrick, you two have fun at the house.

We exchanged goodbyes then left. It took longer than expected to get to the reservoir. I had realized just then that it took us 45 minutes to just get here. We had stopped at a dead end street. I guessed that we were going through the dead end street. And as I thought it, we walked straight through a dead end street into a an area with enough wood to build a treehouse mansion. But we walked past that as well, which led us out the the main stage.

The opening provided with the view a main river surrounded by a lot of damp dirt. The fading sun was gleaming overhead. The water was calm and weak. The area bled of dampness and bark. I could feel the dampness of the watery dirt under my feet. The running water and animal sounds were all that I took in.

“Nice spot,” Carl broke the silence.

“Yeah but we have to go before my mom gets suspicious.”

So we left. I’ve always said how I will be back to that spot. I haven’t yet but I have and feel that I will.

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