Lost In Paradise

“Sam, Billy” I yelled as I looked around, at this point I realized I was lost. I was went to Lake Compounce and my mom thought it was a bad idea to bring my phone because i would probably lose it.

“Sam!” I yelled again
A boy looks over at me thinking what am i doing or his name must of been sam too.
It all started as me getting ready early because my camp CLC (community leadership club) needed to beat the traffic and not have to wait in such a long line for boulder dash the most known ride there at lake compounce. At my camp I meet a now good friend named sam. he was from fairfield and he was a year younger.
Once we got to lake compounce after the two hour bus ride of hearing this kid Nate Bass ask billy (my camp counselor) are we there yet 50,000 times (not true) more like 5 times or at least it felt like 50,000.
After getting off the bus and entering the gate we split into 2 groups i was in a group with sam which was good. We first when to boulder dash because that’s the most famous and best ride at lake compounce and it has really long lines for most of the day after we road boulder dash we hanged a left and headed down the park road. Boulder dash was really fun and i had a really funny photo at the end but it was way too expensive to buy. I believe it was like was like $20 for one decent photo. After a little bit of walking we came upon the next groupings of rides and a restaurant of sorts. It was kind of like a movie theatre food bad and way too expensive. I had a slice of pizza like i said it was terrible.
After waiting 5 minutes for the food to digest i when on a ride across the pathway road. I went by myself. The ride was really fun it was like a good book you might fall out of your seat at some points. After the ride i didn’t see anyone.
“Sam, Billy!”
I yelled as I looked around, at this point I realized I was lost.
I yelled again a boy looks over at me I guess his name was sam or something. I decided to chill and sit where we were i got a couple cups of the free soda there and then i just realize as if it flashed in front of my face it’s kind of fun being lost in an amusement park with free soda after a while I thought I should probably find the rest of my group Because there probably looking for me so i headed in the other direction that we came from after passing a hand full of rides I thought i saw a fellow camper in the corner of my eye. But it was just a kid in a yellow shirt. I continued on but then I saw billy and sam and the rest of my camp at a table.
“Sam!” I yelled
He turned arounds
“Hey Alex!”where were you we were looking for you said Billy and Sam. Oh i went on a ride and when i got off you guys were gone so. “
Oh sorry” said billy
“Yeah it’s fine” I said
I realized that you should always have a partner or friend when ever you go on any big trips to the amusement park or any big thing for that matter.

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