Andrew’s Letter Essay #5: Nazi Hunters

I have completed reading Nazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb, it is a 256 page nonfiction novel. I read this book because I am extremely interested in World War 2, because there are so many different aspects to study. I also read this book because last year, I read Bomb by Steve Sheinkin. It was related to Nazi Hunters but focused on the building of the atom bomb, which ended WW2. Neal Bascomb, the author of Nazi Hunters, originally wrote a book called Hunting Eichmann, led to the writing of this book which is more meant for young adults. I found it very interesting how he wrote the book, he actually went to Israel and countries in Europe and interviewed holocaust survivors and some of the spies to write the book.

Nazi Hunters is about a group of Israeli spies, trying to capture one of the leaders of the holocaust named Adolf Eichmann. He carried out the orders from Hitler to eliminate many different people, such as jews, gypsies, poles, slavs and people with mental or physical disabilities. Eichmann ordered the troops to go where they went. The Israeli spies went after Eichmann 16 years after he escaped Germany after World War 2, they had no leads except that other ex-Nazi leaders went to Argentina for refuge, so they went there with no ways of finding him, the way this book ends is one of the most intense endings I have ever read, and it is all true!

I liked how the author switched time periods from time to time, some of recalling the holocaust and how it was so horrible.

“Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann stood at the head of the convoy of 140 military vehicles. It was noon on Sunday, March 19, 1944, his thirty-eighth birthday. He held his trim frame stiff, leaning slightly forward as he watched his men prepare to move out.

The engines rumbled to life, and black exhaust spewed across the road. Eichmann climbed into his Mercedes staff car and signaled for the motorcycle troops to lead the way.

More than 500 members of the Schutzstaffel, the Nazi security service- better known as the SS- were in the convoy, leaving Mauthausen, a concentration camp in Austria, for Budapest Hungary. Their mission was to comb Hungary from east to west and find all of the country’s 750,000 Jews. Anyone who was physically fit was to be delivered to the labor camps for “destruction through work”;anyone who was not was to be immediately killed.

Eichmann had planned it all carefully. He had been in charge of Jewish affairs for the Nazis for eight years and was now chief of Department IVB, responsible for executing Hitler’s policy to wipe out the Jews. He ran his office like it was business, setting, clear, ambitious targets, recruiting efficient staff members and delegation to them, and traveling frequently to monitor their progress. He measured his success not in battles won but in schedules met, quotas filled, and units moved.” (pg 1.)

This passage is extremely important to the entire story even though it is the first page, the author wrote this so well because it builds suspense even though it is nonfiction, it also gives the needed information about Eichmann, also about how smart he was, he had a very different goal, not wins, but goals set and completed.

I rated this book a 10/10 because it was the best nonfiction book I have ever read. I recommend this book to anyone who likes studying WW2 and also who likes nonfiction books.

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6 thoughts on “Andrew’s Letter Essay #5: Nazi Hunters

  1. Andrew,
    I enjoyed reading your essay. You had a ton of details and I’m glad that you liked it. Your letter essay was ver well written and you clearly put a lot of time and effort into it. Being that you rated it a 10 out of 10, I may have to read it for myself.
    Well done,

  2. I really enjoyed your essay. I liked how you described everything you liked about it, including the flashbacks to the holocaust. One thing you could’ve changed is going more in depth. It was kind of confusing how you explained how the person they were searching for went missing. Other then that, it was a great essay!

  3. I enjoyed reading your letter essay. I liked how you put descriptions of how you liked the book in your essay. You clearly put a lot of time into it and this book seems really interesting and i want to read this book. Great letter essay!

  4. I really enjoyed your letter essay. I like how you included a lot of detail and I found it very interesting that some of the Nazis took refuge in Argentina, I never knew that. Overall very good accepted for a few spelling errors

  5. Andrew, I really liked your letter essay and you really motivated me to read this book and more books like this on the world war 2 topic.
    Thanks for the recommendation,

  6. Dear Andrew,
    This book looks very interesting because it takes place in World War 2, although I have not read this book I have read other books about World War 2 and I found them interesting to read. Otherwise you did a great job describing the book in your summary.

    From Luke

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