Caden’s Letter Essay 5: Superhuman

I’ve just finished reading superhuman by Michael Carroll. This book was 325 pages of pure action and suspense. I really enjoyed the first book of the series and it really showed me how much it takes to be a superhuman. This series known as a quantum prophecy was one of Michael careless greatest achievements. Some other achievements that he accomplished was numerous short stories and a dozen novels. Michael Carroll lives in Dublin Ireland with his wife Leonia. Enjoy his art of writing and he also enjoys riding with other authors. He has in another smash containing action, adventure, and characters you will fall in love with. I enjoyed reading this book because it showed many sides of heroes that none of us usually. It shows that all of us are human even if we are super human. It also shows that anybody can be a hero even if you don’t have super powers. I also liked how the author gave the sense of secrecy, it showed that not everybody is who they say they are.

This was book was about three different perspectives from three heroes. One of these heroes is known as Abigail de Luyando she seems like a regular restaurant waitress but she has a hidden secret… She can bend metal with her bare hands. Another one of those you fall in love with is it Lance Mckendrick, he is one of those people that know how to get underneath your skin. Lance does not have any superpower s but he sure makes up for it a hero. One of the other heroes is known as Roz Dalton. He is a hero who has the power of telekinesis and knows how to use it. All three of these superheroes must unite and stop the immortal Krodin and evil villain who has been alive since 4493 years before our modern day. So the heroes must all help each other and one final battle to defeat the almighty Krodin.

One of my favorite scenes in the book was after Croton has defeated the Almighty Egyptian general known as Imkahamun. You should follow this battle was historic this passage was located on page 8. ” I’ve had many names for the past for the past two centuries. Despite his fear despite the sword at his throat Imkahamun human frowned, “Two centuries impossible no man can live so long.”
” I have lived here and I will live longer still the Gods of your afterlife have no need to fear me you Egyptian for I cannot die. I am immortal, ageless, indestructible. Already I have walked this earth for more than 500 years. I have seen many empires rise and fall and I have no doubt that I will see many more. I ally myself with the Assyrian simply because it suits me to do so but make no mistake I am NOT assyrian.”
“You… You are a god.”
“No. I am NOT a God nor am I human.” That speech really was ruthless but it had a great deal of great writing in it.

I was surprised when the author gave the book three perspectives, it really gave me a new look on the book. I hated it when the author gave Lance no superpowers I thought he would make a great super human, but it shows that he is more human than any of them. The general of this book was action and suspense because It always kept you on the edge of your seat. I really enjoyed how the author put it together.

I rate this book a 7 out of 10 because of its great action and suspense but it was not one of my favorite books even though I still really enjoyed it. I hope you really enjoy this book if you decide to read it.

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  1. You did a good job on your letter essay. I liked how you included lots of detailed information about the book and how it’s a good book to read. I also liked how you included background information on the author. One thing that I would improve is the background information. You could have included on where this story took place, when and stuff like that. But overall, you did a good job on your letter essay.

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