Erin’s Letter Essay #5: If I Were You

I recently read the book If I were you, written by Leslie Margolis. This book is a fantasy book with  211 pages.This book was originally published May 12th 2015, and is her newest book. Leslie Margolis has written 12 books in all. She went to college in Massachusetts. Her book  Annabelle Unleashed won reader’s choice awards and many state awards. One book was called Boys Are Dogs. This book was created into a disney movie but they changed the title to Zapped. If I were You was the  first book I have read from by Leslie Margolis. I read this book because I rarely read fantasy and I was trying to try new genres and came across this book.


There are 2 main characters in this book, Katie and Melody. They are two best friends. Except Melody is jealous of Katie and Katie is jealous of Melody. It was the end of the summer, a summer that was suppose to be the best of their lives, the summer before middle school, but by the end of the summer the two girls were not speaking to each other… They got in a huge fight of a boy. When they start to realize that it is the last day of summer both of the girls want the same thing, to have a redo of the summer. Their wish comes true, they turn into each other. They learn new things about one another they didn’t know, and some things they wished they knew.


The main characters are two great character to read about. One girl describes herself as a boy repellent but she calls her best friend a boy magnet. They are two very different types of girls but at the same time they are best friends.I think the author made it this way to show that two best friends shouldn’t be separated just because one has more than the other.The characters in this book develop a lot about friendship. They go through a lot but at the end they will always be friends even if they get in huge fight. I wonder what would have happened to the two characters if they never got to be each other, to see what was happening to the person by being them. Would they ever had made up and become friends again?


“Are you ready she asks. I nod and close my eyes and hold my breathe and wish to be myself again with all my might.”


i really liked that quote from the book because it showed that both the girls enjoyed being eachother but at the same time they liked being themselves better and that their friends life wasn’t as much better as their own life was.

I would give this book a 6 out of 10 because the beginning of the book was very slow and didn’t make e want to keep reading it sometimes.

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  1. That book seems pretty interesting but I can see how it can be slow at some parts. The sentence you quoted makes the book seem a little better. I like how it makes the reader see how the characters feel and they realize how they were acting was wrong.

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