Kayleigh’s Letter Essay #5: Insurgent

Dear Classmates,

I have recently finished reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. It was a 525 page science fiction novel. I decided to read this book, because before it I read Divergent and wanted to continue reading the series. I have heard a lot of good things about it. Veronica Roth is known for the Divergent series, they have become very popular. She has won several awards for these books including Goodreads Choice Awards best young adult fantasy & science fiction. Veronica Roth is a very good author.

This novels main characters are Tris and Four. Their society is divided into separate factions. Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation, Erudite and Candor. These groups are all very different. Dauntless people are dangerous and brave, the Candor are truthful and honest, the Abnegation are selfless and kind. When every child reaches a certain age, they are required to take an aptitude test to determine what faction they are right for. At the choosing ceremony, they can either choose to stay in the same faction they were raised in, or transfer to another and leave their family. Tris, was raised in Abnegation and her test told her she was Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite. Most people only fit into one group, she is different. Tris is Divergent, this means she can outsmart people and think differently and faster. She is a threat to society and the government. Which is why she must keep her Divergence a secret. At the choosing ceremony she goes into Dauntless, where she meets Four her instructor. They quickly become allies and fall in love. Jeanine is in Erudite and wants to perform tests and eventually kill Tris for her Divergence. Jeanine is evil and is awful to society, Tris and Four must stay alive and protect themselves from the power hungry Erudite who want to take over.

I wish the author had included more about where Tris and Four where, in some scenes it was hard to picture what everything looked like. I liked how the author kept the story from getting confusing, because in the book there was always a lot going on. This book reminded me of the Hunger Games because they are both futuristic and have corrupt governments and interesting characters.

This is a scene where they are attempting to perform tests on Tris to find out more about her.

“But he just lifts me up dodging my kicking feet, and slams me down on the metal slab, knocking the wind out of me. I gasp and fling a fist out at whatever I can hit, which just happens to be Peters wrist. He winces, but by now others have come to help.  One of them holds down my shoulders as Peter pulls black straps across my body to keep me pinned. I flinch at the pain in my wounded shoulder.”               (pgs 350-251)

I picked this passage because it shows how there is a lot of conflict between Tris and the Erudite. It is suspenseful because you don’t know if they are able to perform the tests and if they are, what her tests results are. You want to keep reading to find out more.

I would rate this book a 7 out of 10. Overall, I enjoyed it and thought it was good. Sincerely,


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5 thoughts on “Kayleigh’s Letter Essay #5: Insurgent

  1. I thought you wrote a very nice letter essay, and a very good book too. You included key information in your essay that is making me want to read this series. I liked the way you included about the characters in the book and the background of the book. It was very detailed. I think you can improve or include the story line in the in the first book. But overall, good job on your essay.
    Sincerely, Will

  2. Kayleigh, your letter essay was very descriptive and it had a lot of interesting indormation. Your letter essay is convincing me to read this series. You wrote a great letter essay.

    Sara wiesenfeld

  3. Kayleigh,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay. It had great information about the book and makes me want to read the series.
    Erin Carroll

  4. Dear Kayleigh,
    I really liked your letter essay because it described the book very well and you added in parts that could have been better. I also liked how you compared it to the Hunger Games!
    Great Job!

  5. Dear Kayleigh,
    Your letter essay was awesome because you gave enough info about the book to make someone put it on their “must read” list. And I loved the comparison to the Hunger Games, that really set aside both books.


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