Robbie B.’s Letter Essay #5: Cover-Up

A few weeks ago I finished Cover-Up by John Feinstein a 298 page relistic fiction. This is the first time I read one of John Feinstein’s books. But I like to read sports books. John Feinstein’s dad was the first executive owner of the Kennedy center. His dad was  an opera singer and would always bring him to big sports games and it was at the march madness finals that he wrote his first book and it was called the Break-Away but was never published because he wrote it when he was still very young. his first published book was a March to Madness which he also wrote while he was a the march madness finals.


Cover up is a good book about 2 kids that are news casters and go to the super bowl. It is at the super bowl that they find a doctor that tells them that the california Dreams linemen tested positive for steroids. The problem is they don’t have enough evidence to make a full news story, that the public will trust them, and has enough evidence that the NFL will have to suspend them for the superbowl. The main characters Stevie  and Susan Carol. Must find the evidence in time so that the good guys will win  and the cheaters will be suspended. Will they find enough?


I was surprised when they won’t give up even though Stevie gets fired. This surprised me because both of them were very good at their job and he was fired. But soon after CBS hired him.


The characters were very well built in this book. It was very easy to tell who was talking because of the words they used. I could tell because he made one of them much smarter than the other one. He was very good at making the reader feel like they knew the characters.


The author was very good at making the reader think about what was happening in the book and what the kids were going to do when they find out and what they are going to write about in the stories.



“What are we going to do? If we release the story McNair will be the traitor but if we don’t we will be hiding information.” (page 153)

This passage shocked me because they were very set on releasing it if they get the info.

I would rate it  a 7 out of 10.

form Rob Babcock


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3 thoughts on “Robbie B.’s Letter Essay #5: Cover-Up

  1. Robbie –

    I liked your letter essay. You provided a clear but descriptive summary that told about your book. I have not read any books by John Feinstein and it sounds like he is a good author. Nice job!


  2. Hey, Robbie I have not heard about this book before but it sounds very interesting, I really enjoyed your letter essay and may give this book a read. You had a very detailed letter essay. Great job! -Carl Z

  3. Hello Robbie,
    I really liked your letter essay and all of the detail you put into it. You can really tell you spent some time writing this piece. This book sound really interesting and I would really like to read it soon.

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