Kamron’s Letter Essay #5: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Hello classmates, I recently read over the past week (after being scolded because I hadn’t) “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” This is the first book of the long and famous “Harry Potter” series. The books are written by J.K Rowling and all have movie adaptations. She also incorporates many similarities in her Harry Potter books to her life. One is how they both share the same birthday (July 31st). Another is how Kings Cross Station is where Harry heads to Hogwarts. In real life, Rowling meets her family there every year. It is a short book compared to the other Harry Potter books at a mediocre 309 pages. The book was published in 1998 by Scholastic.

In the Book, Harry Potter is a young boy who lives in a rich household. He is forced to live with his aunt and uncle and their son, Dudley. Harry is told that his parents were killed in a car accident and is forced to live with them. But Harry one day gets the opportunity to go to a wizarding school, Hogwarts. Wanting to learn more about being a wizard and his past, he accepts the invitation to the school and goes to start his first semester. But, Harry learns far more about his past and meets his arch nemesis, Draco Malfoy. Harry also learns about his parent’s true killer, Voldemort. But the main part is about how someone is out to get the “Sorcerer’s Stone.” So, Harry is destined to find out who the thief is and to put a stop to him while still learning the truth about magic and wizards.


I was surprised in the story when we see how poorly Harry is treated, with him being a wizard. His family truly thinks less of him just because of how he was born. This is basically just another form of discrimination against Harry. They seem to hate him just because he’s a wizard and are doing whatever they can to neglect and reject him. It further angers me about how well Dudley is treated and privileged.

I liked the way Rowling used many just random and weird moments in the book to incorporate words of the wiser moments. It is really shown in a certain scene in the hallway. Harry is looking at a mirror that shows Harry whatever he wants to see. Dumbledore finds them and doesn’t scold them but, treat them with respect and give them wise words to look back on.

Lastly I really liked Dumbledore and his quotes. 2 quotes that stuck out were “To the well-organized mind, death is nothing but the next great adventure” and “Fear of a name gives fear of the thing itself.” These two quotes are really thought provoking, which is the way I think many have come to see Dumbledore. A man of few words, but yet still one of the smartest people we never knew. The first quote really makes me think that death should not be feared, but we should be ready for it and embrace it. The second quote though is as simple as a 1+1=2 but as complex as Hogwarts Halls. You could give the simple answer of that of course when fear is generated, it only increases the original amount. But you can also say that fear is not only used as fuel for the feared, but as negative fuel for the fearful. It makes the feared scarier and the fearful fear more. But in the end, Harry Potter is a solid 9/10 and is one of the best books I have ever read.


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16 thoughts on “Kamron’s Letter Essay #5: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  1. Kam,
    I’m glad you finally got around to reading what has become a prerequisite for being a member of the reading public these days. Too bad you had to be scolded in order for it to happen. . . . My daughter, I may have mentioned, is currently obsessed with these books, so I feel as if I have lived them even though I’ve only read the first two (or three; I can’t even remember). . . . I really liked your reflection, particularly what you said about Dumbledore’s quotes. Remember to insert a quoted passage into your Letter-Essays. Thanks for posting.
    Mr. Jockers

  2. kam
    its caden i have also read the sorcerers stone and loved it its one of the good books in the series and has you wondering what harry and ron and hermine will do and how they will figure out what the sorcerers stone is and what it dose i hope you liked the book as much as i did

  3. Kam,
    I liked your letter essay very much and it was very interesting that you found all those similarities between Rowling and Harry. You definitely needed a passage to give an idea of how Rowling writes. But I really liked how you added those quotes from Dumbledore and explained them.

  4. Kamron, Your letter essay was very well written and enjoyable to read. I´m glad you enjoyed this book. Harry Potter is a such a wonderful series of books and movies. Is this the second time I read it back in the day when I was a wee lad

  5. Kamron, Your letter essay was very well written and enjoyable to read. I´m glad you enjoyed this book. Harry Potter is a such a wonderful series of books and movies. Is this the second time I read it back in the day when I was a wee lad. You should have included a quoted passage in your letter essay. Solid letter essay, Kam.
    Sean Eustace

  6. Dear Kam

    I like your book choice, but i didn’t know that she made connections to the book to her real life, its cool how she did that! Im happy you chose this book, this is one of my favorite series. I really liked those quotes by Dumbledore and how he didn’t scold them yet only told them words of wisdom.
    From Robbie

  7. Dear Kam,

    I know some people really enjoy or hate Harry Potter I like how you explained it and how much effort you put into it really shows

  8. Dear Kam
    I read this book awhile ago but I want to read it again and you made me want to read it even more. It sounded like you really enjoyed it unlike some people because this series alot of people like or hate and not many are in the middle with it.

  9. Dear Kam,
    I really enjoyed your letter essay and the description of the book was perfect. I read this book earlier this year and you explained it perfectly. I also liked that you added a bunch of specific quotes from the story. Overall great job.


  10. Dear Kam,
    I’m happy you started to read this series. There’s something about it that makes it so incredible. I hope you finish the whole series, you’ll like them. I like in your essay how you incorporated some quotes from Dumbledore. He really is one of the closest things Harry has to a father, especially in the first two books, and in my opinion is one of the best characters ever, due to his charm, wisdom, and humor. I hope you enjoy the Chamber of Secrets.
    Your pal,

  11. Dear Kameron
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay because i have always wanted to start reading the harry potter series and this is really convincing me to start reading them so i thank you for that! Good job on your summary and good job on your summary
    -Ryan Hanock

  12. Dear Kam,
    I am glad that our ELT convinced you to read this book. It is one of my favorites and I hope you will finish the series. Your Letter essay was well written and The part about Dumbledore’s quotes was very interesting.

  13. Dear Kam,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay because even though I read this book already, I’m continuing the series but it’s great to listen to other point of views.

  14. To Krusty KEEEEEEEEEM
    I liked your easy even though I have watched the moving before so you can’t spoil anything. I was wondering if you were going to read the rest of the books in the series if there are any i don’t know because i hate harry potter.
    From your man, BHIGGZ36

  15. Dear Kam,
    I have also read this book in the Harry Potter series and I enjoyed reading it very much. As mentioned before you did an excellent job with your reflection, you went into a lot of detail.

    From, Luke

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