Liam’s Letter Essay #5: Jackpot

I finished the book Jackpot, by Gordon Korman. This is a book that from the outside looks like a child’s book with a simple and cheap story line, but actually had a much deeper meaning of keeping friendships, and taking sacrifices for those who care about you. The author, Gordon Korman is a Canadian born who has made over 80 young adult and children books. Jackpot is technically part of a series, but with each book having completely different story lines. The only thing the books have in common is that they’re ll mystery based books. Gordon says he is so fascinated by mystery because he always wanted to be  mystery solver growing up in Montreal, Canada.


In the book jackpot, Griffin is the man with the plan. When he is with his team of friends, each contributing in their own unique ways, there’s not many mysteries the gang can’t solve. A lottery ticket has gone missing. A winning lottery ticket. A winning lottery ticket that is worth thirty million dollars. A winning lottery ticket that is worth thirty million dollars is somewhere in the man with the plan’s hometown. But the worst part is that the ticket expires in less than two weeks. After dealing with a bully at school, Griffin thinks up a plan. To embarrass his worst enemy. Darren Vader. He’s only the most greedy and mean kid alive. The team decides to sending him searching through garbage cans and dumps by printing out fake newspapers articles claiming that the infamous is in a garbage can somewhere. Griffin’s plan makes a turn for the worst when Darren finds out that the article is fake. Darren speaks at an assembly that Griffin is a bully. Now his team has turned against him, even recruiting a new man with a plan. Griffin, now team-less, has to find that ticket, by himself. Can Griffin strive without his beloved team? Will he ever win them back? Find out in Gordon Korman’s  Jackpot.

Out of ten stars, I would give it a very solid 9. The only reason that it didn’t get itself a ten out of ten, really isn’t entirely the book’s fault. I love these kind of mysteries. But Gordon Korman is more of a kid book writer. So the book naturally had to be a bit immature to survive in the genre. I would definitely like a more serious version, where the book would go more in depth in Griffin’s specific feelings toward his friends. Overall, I would recommend this to anybody who doesn’t really have to think while they read, the book has a very simple concept.

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13 thoughts on “Liam’s Letter Essay #5: Jackpot

  1. Liam,
    I really liked your letter essay and I am planning on reading this book after I finish the book I am reading right now because of your letter essay, one thing you should have added was a small passage from the book that shows its flaws like you said there were. Otherwise it was a very good letter essay

  2. Liam,
    The way you have described this book has made me really want to read it, I know it will be a great book because of how well you described it in your essay. One thing you could have changed was giving examples of the flaws, because sometimes major flaws can make someone not want to read the book

  3. Dear Liam,

    Although I have never read this book, this letter essay makes me want to. I really liked how you described the book, giving all the details in the correct order and making me interested in the book. Well done.


  4. Liam,

    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay because you described the plot so well without giving away the ending. Now after reading your letter essay I might try one of Gordan Kormans many books. One thing that you should have added in your letter essay is a quoted passage because describing the way Griffin feels when his enemy Darren tells the whole school he is a bully. Very good job.

    James B

  5. Dear Liam,
    Your elaboration when describing “Jackpot” has given me an urge to read it. It sounds to be a very action packed story with a lot of drama. One thing you could have added to improve your essay was a quoted passage. I think it would have given the readers more knowledge on the tone of the novel. Nonetheless, your essay was very well written.


  6. Dear Liam,
    I liked how well written your letter essay was. It seems like the book is good. Except for some of the flaws like you said there were. It seems like a book i might want to read one day. So all in all i really enjoyed your piece. Great job.
    -Alex N

  7. Dear Liam,

    Your letter essay was good and well detailed, I like the way you put suspense on the end of your summary, I do that too, the only problem would be the few typos and it could be a bit lengthier too.
    From, Justin C

  8. Liam,
    I really liked how you told exactly what the book was about and i think you had a really good summary of what the book was about and how much you enjoyed it. The only constructive criticism i have is that every once in a while you had a couple typos here and there but overall great job! -ryan hanock

  9. Liam,
    I have never really heard of this book but after reading your letter essay it seems like a book that i would find very interesting. I can tell I will like it because you explained it very well. I love the description you put into your summary it helped me understand. I know I will be checking out this book soon. Great Job Liam!

    -Jake Forte

  10. Dear Liam,
    I haven’t ever heard of this book, however, now that I know about it, it sounds really interesting and I would love to read it! I loved the way you had me on the edge of my seat during the summery, too and I agree that the fact that the genre is meant for a younger audience so I probably wouldn’t have looked into it if you hadn’t so strongly recommended.

  11. Liam,
    You explain why you read the book and what the book is about and what you liked and didn’t like about it – overall, a good letter-essay. However, the Reflection part of the assignment is really lacking. You should have at least three small paragraphs in which you reflect on your reading, and include a quoted passage. Refer to the checklist and models posted on the blog if you’re unclear.
    Mr. Jockers

  12. Liam
    I think this was a very well worded essay. You made it descriptive in a small amount of space, and I thought that was good. I’ll consider reading this book

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