Victoria’s Letter Essay #5: Matched

I finished the book from my book club book, Matched, it is 366 pages. The author is Ally Condie. It is about this society where they make everyone, everyone thing, and society at its whole perfect. They only have 100 poems, 100 songs, books, paintings. All diseases were eliminated. They have scheduled everything, free time, school, work, there meals are specifically healthy, and also scheduled. The government monitor their dreams so they don’t have nightmares. You die a certain age, 80 and rarely die of natural disasters and human activity. Only 2 or so were mentioned, and happened in the perfection process 50 years ago, and 2 or so people 20-30 years ago.


They also get Matched, at 17, instead of picking who you date and marry, that is picked by the government and you do not know your Match, you don’t even know what their face looks like. You get choosen dates to go on with government professionals looking to make sure the Match goes good for the healthiest family and baby possible. Except for Cassia. She got Matched with her best friend that she knew her entire life since she was little. Xander. He is a confident, smart, intelligent person. Cassia is more shy and unsure. But knowing her Match is very rare, but not dangerous. That is not the only difference in her, she has another Match. Who she also knows. Ky Markham, an Aberration, from a different community. Will she try to blend in with society with Xander, the Match everyone thinks she has, or secretly grow closer to Ky, to make his life one step easiest, because he lives with his aunt.


My quoted passage is on page 96 ¨Do not go gentle into that good night. Old age should burn and not rave at close of day;Rage, rage against the dying of the light – Dylan Thomas.¨ This quote is a poem that her grandfather gave to her as a gift. This quote, ¨do not go gentle¨ was repeated the whole book, a again and again signpost.

I rate this book a 6-10 because it was to similar to the giver and The Hunger Games and it was boring to read the same kind of book right next to each other, the giver then Matched… But there was one difference, there was more romance, but it was also too cliche. And I didn’t like Ky for some reason, and Xander, the more confident person.

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1 thought on “Victoria’s Letter Essay #5: Matched

  1. Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for posting this. I like how you summarized the book, giving the reader just the most important information. And I also like how you noticed that a phrase was repeated Again and Again in the book. But, more importantly: what is the question you ask when you spot a Signpost and, even more importantly, how would you answer that question?
    Mr. Jockers

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