Rebecca’s Letter Essay: Matched

I recently read matched by Ally Condie. Ally Condie is an american writer of young adult fiction. She has wrote so many books including Reached, Crossed and Atlantia. She is is the process of writing another book called Summerlost and it is coming on March 29th of this year.

I chose this book because we started a dystopian literature unit and we had to chose a book we wanted to read. I had a list of 5 other books, this book was my 4th choice but it was really good and I really enjoyed it.

This book is about a girl named Cassia a 17 year old girl who recently got “matched” with her childhood friend Xander. When you get matched someone it is like the society choosing who you are going to marry and live with. Cassia chooses to hike as her leisure activity and meets up with a guy named Ky. Cassia and Ky really get to know each other, Cassia wants to get matched with Ky instead of Xander so she and Ky sneak around all the officials and share very creative moments but Ky is an aberration which means that he is not allowed to get matched with any one.

I don’t like the way the author ended the book I don’t think the ending concluded. I think the author did this so people will want to read the sequel of the book. This book reminded me of the giver because in the giver the receiver and the giver were the only people who knew about what happened in the past and in this book the officials, Cassia and Ky were the only people who knew about Ky. I liked the way the author wrote the book, it made you want to keep reading because there were so many problems that made you want find the answer to all the problems.

In this quoted passage, Ky gets taken away by the officials. They wipe everyone’s memory from the town who Ky get taken by the Officials because they do not want the town’s men knowing that officials are harmful…
“ “Everyone, please take out your tablet containers,” he said pleasantly. “ Remove the red
We all obey. My hand closes on the small container with its 3 tablet secured inside my pocket. Blue and red and green. Life and death and oblivion always at my fingertips.
”Now, keep the red tablet and hand Official Standler” he gestures to my Official, who holds a square plastic receptacle “Your containers. shortly after we finished here you’ll receive new containers and a new set of tablets.”
Once again, we obey. I drop the little metal cylinder in with the others, but I do not meet my official’s eyes.”[page 324]
I found this passage interesting because it shows how problems keep occurring.

I would rate this book a 9 out of 10 because this book is a really great book and I would highly recommend it to a lot of people. The only reason I did not give it a 10 out of 10 is because it was not my favorite.

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5 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Letter Essay: Matched

  1. Rebecca,
    I thought your letter essay was very well written and I liked your quoted passage. I just started reading this book and I hope I like it just as much as you did!!!

  2. Rebecca,
    I liked your letter essay and your book sounds really interesting. I remember you telling me about it in ELT. It sounds like a good book to read and I liked your passage and I can see how that can cause a problem.


  3. Dear
    I really liked your letter essay, It portrayed the book well. I also enjoyed the quoted passage and I would totally read this book! I also hope I enjoy the book as much as you did!

    1. Dear Rebecca
      I really liked your letter essay, It portrayed the book well. I also enjoyed the quoted passage and I would totally read this book! I also hope I enjoy the book as much as you did!

  4. Dear Rebecca,

    I enjoyed reading your letter essay. I read the same book myself for the book club book and also enjoyed it. I liked how you showed the important details in the book so the reader knows what your talking about. Well done Rebecca.


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