Zachary’s Letter Essay #6: 1984

Dear fellow classmates,

About a week ago I finished a book called 1984 by George Orwell. This novel is a dystopian book and is 312 page and was published in 1949. The author, George Orwell also wrote  Animal Farm, Coming Up For Air, Burmese Days, and many more. He was born in 1903 and died in 1950, the year after he published 1984. His real name was actually Eric Arthur Blair. George Orwell was only his pen name. He was born in India which was controlled by Great Britain at the time. He moved to Great Britain at a young age. He is also a journalist. I started reading this book because it was my book club book. When I heard what this book was about, I really wanted to read it and it turned out to be a great book.


In summary, this book is about Winston, a middle age man living in London or Airstrip 1. He is living in what he thinks to be 1984. In his world, the government controls all, they are never wrong, and can change history to fit their needs. A main figure called big brother who no one is really sure exists is the ruler and all must love him and what he says goes. Everyone is always watched through telescreens and microphones and if they do the slightest thing wrong they are taken by the thought police. Winston, like everyone else, goes to work all day, participates in 2 minutes of hate, and acts like he’s supposed to but isn’t what he seems. In his head he hates Big Brother, hates the Government or the Party and seeks ways to go against the party. One day he meets Julia and after a few more times of them meeting up, they fall in love but aren’t allowed to be together. They find ways to be together anyway and share a hatred for the party. After a while of being together they figure out that a fellow worker, O’brien, may be working for a group of rebels called the black coats. together they seek a way to meetup with him and when they do,they confront him about it in the safety of his house, with the telescreen turned off. What will happen to Winston and Julia? Read the book to find out.


Caution Spoiler Alert!

I was surprised when I found out the government could change the past as it suited their needs. It wasn’t the fact that the government could change the past that surprised, but the fact that no one questioned what they changed. How can a person’s word overcome another’s memory. This means that no one will ever question the government and they will rule forever because if they do something wrong, they can just erase it from history or blame it on someone else.


I was amazed that O’brien turned against Winston even though O’brien was the one that made Winston a member of the Black Coats. I didn’t expect this to happen because for a long part of the book, Winston followed O’brien’s instructions and O’brien didn’t turn him in then even though he committed the same crimes back then. Why didn’t O’brien just turn Winston and Julia in when they admitted to hating the government earlier? This made we wonder if the O’brien that tortured Winston was a different person like maybe Winston’s twin.


I was disappointed in the end of the book when Winston gave in to O’brien’s torture and betrayed Julia and found love for big brother. The beginning of the book showed how Winston didn’t believe in the government and never gave in but in the end he finally gave in. Winston could not withstand the torture and in the not only did he tell O’brien everything, he also believed the Party and found love for big brother. He believed that 2+2 was 5 because the Party said so. I never thought he would do this.


There was a scene on page 172 that I really liked when Winston was being asked questions by O’brien to see what he was prepared to do for the Black Coats, “

“You are prepared to give your lives”


“You are prepared to commit murder”


“To commit acts of sabotage that may cause the deaths of hundreds of innocent people”


“To betray your country to foreign powers”

“Yes”  ”

I like this scene because it shows how willing Winston is to do the right thing. This also is a part in the book where everything changes and Winston’s life becomes of more risk and challenge. It is a very important scene. I liked this book and I would give it an 8/10.


Zachary Shortt

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7 thoughts on “Zachary’s Letter Essay #6: 1984

  1. Excellent letter-essay, Zac. I’m glad you liked the book so much. You were a stellar O’Brien, by the way.
    Mr. Jockers

  2. Dear Zac,
    I thought you did a great job on your letter-essay. I especially liked how you described your feelings toward the betrayal of O’Brien. Next time, you should elaborate more on why you liked the passage. Overall, you did a great job.

  3. I really liked your letter essay. I wanted to read 1984 and I really think i should now. I like how descriptive you were and I really enjoyed the passage you put in the letter essay but, be more descriptive on why you liked the passage. Really great letter essay.

  4. Dear Zac,

    I really liked your Letter Essay and I liked how you put a good amount of description into the summary. I now really have a good understanding of the book 1984, and I’m going to try and read it out of school. It looks like you enjoyed the book since you rated it an 8/10, what were some of the things that you did not like that is brought the score down to an 8/10. Would you re-read this book if you had the chance to? Overall your Letter Essay was very good.

    From Nick

  5. Dear Zac,
    Your letter essay was really good and i had looked into reading this book but never got around to it but now that i read your letter essay this is a must read after we finish book clubs. I also really enjoyed your quoted passage!

  6. Zac,

    This book seems great also I liked your presentation in class you knew your lines and understood the book. Also might have to check this book out in the future. Seems like a great book

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