Zoe’s Letter Essay #6

Letter Essay #6

I recently finished reading Matched By Ally Condie with my book club in class. This novel at 366 pages is in a dystopian series. Ally Condie came up with this idea of matched when she was talking to her husband about marriage. They thought about what would happen if the government controlled who they got married to. This book was published on November 30th, 2010. Ally Condie was originally a high school teacher and decided to become a full-time writer later on. The reason I wanted to read this book was because one of my friends had read it and it became one of her favorite books. Also the summary on the back of the book sounded really good. This book wasn’t my number one choice but I’m really glad I read it because I really enjoyed it.

Cassia a 17 year old girl had just been matched with her best friend, Xander. Life was great and she was very happy with her match; until she met Ky. Ky had shown up on her micro-card, that was supposed to have her matches (Xander’s) picture. Cassia instantly falls in love with Ky and can’t help but keep getting drawn to him. The government officials have caught on and have warned Cassia about the dangers of spending time with Ky. If she continues to interact with Ky the way she is now the government will send him away. And they do. They take Ky away while Cassia watches in disbelief. So Cassia tries to go looking for Ky. Asking everyone; the officials and different families. *The next book in the series Crossed, continues the rest of the story and what happens to Ky*

I like the way the author end of each chapter off with a lot of suspense. Ally Condie usually end it off with a words of the wiser from grandfather or an unexpected moment. I also like the way the society was run in this book. It was very different to the other dystopian books I read because the government was less restricted. Mealtimes were scheduled and you cannot make your food by yourself, have to be in your home by a special time, etc. I didn’t find these rules very strict because when cassia broke them there was no consequence given to her from the government officials. The character development In this book was constantly changing. I found it very interesting that cassia wouldn’t always decide what she’s going to do next. This create a lot of suspense; especially if Cassia couldn’t decide what she thought about Ky. I was interested in this passage when Grandfather says, “As a society remains as there’s a difference between knowledge and technology. Knowledge doesn’t fail us. (pg.31)” I found this quote very interesting because I can relate to it very much. I find it very interesting that in such an advanced society they don’t use a lot of technology or depend on it either. I find our society the exact opposite way; in the way that we use technology.  I would rate this book a 9 out of 10 because, I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dystopian books or books about friendship and relationship books.

From, Zoe Wegener

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