Abby’s Letter Essay #6: MATCHED

Dear Readers and Mr.Jockers,


    Not long ago I read half the book matched by Ally Condie. I gave a half book letter esay. It was an amazing first half. But the whole book together was even better. Ally Condie has written ten books so far MATCHED is one of the one of the most awards.  MATCHED is a is a New York Times bestseller. It was chosen to be a YALSA  2011 teen Top 10 books to read.  CROSSED and REACHED were also critically acclaimed and received starred reviews, and all three books are available in 30+ languages. MATCHED is a suspenseful, heartwarming, rebellious, and a dystopian novel. It’s a novel of fighting for what’s right and fighting for who you love.


Rushing, running, through, into the woods during your summer lecture activitys with the match you want but could never have. Match by 16 dating until you’re 21 when you’re ready to start your life your new life. Everything’s chosen for you your job, your house, how many children are going to have, if you’re going to have any, and more importantly who your going to live with for the rest of your life. This is the world that Cassia lives in. She was Matched with her childhood best friend Xander. But when she plays the microchip every 16 year old gets it’s not Xander’s face she sees. What does she do or what will she do? Most importantly she knows the kid Ky. An Aberration someone who can never be Matched. But why would his name be in the Matching pool? Is it a cruel trick or experiment by society? Or a simple mistake? But society doesn’t make mistakes they never do.

The more scarey it is Ky is in the same summer activity as Cassia.Hiking. They spend time together and get closer and closer as friends but is there something more to them? Does Cassia feel love for him? Her head says no but heart says yes. More importantly does Ky feel the same for her? When they listen to their hearts, Society get’s closer and closer in each of their lives. Warning them by taking things away. But nothing stops them for love. Will Xander find out about Cassia’s real feelings?, Does Cassia and Ky rewrite the laws of Society? Is love really worth fighting for?


I loved Matched I thought Ally Condie wrote again another amazing book. However the ending disopointed me with the ending. I wanted more out of it. I wanted more suspence and shocking ending then it just dying off with it. I though it was rushed and too shortend. I strongly didn’t like what happend to the characters in the end especialy Ky. But other than that disopointment the book was very well writen. Heartwarming book with rebilion, and suspence. I recomend this book if you enjoyed The Giver or any dystopian novels. I would give this book four out of five stars.



Abby Straughn

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