11 thoughts on “Maze Runner Movie Trailer Period 3

  1. Dear Maze Runner group,
    I really enjoyed watching your movie trailer. The acting was very good and I liked how you added emotion to the acting. You put a lot of work into this. Good Job!

  2. Your trailer was very good! You added in so many important scenes and they were all so accurate! Good Job!! This makes me want to read the book again!

  3. I loved this video and the acting was perfect. Good job editing and I think you did a very thorough job. Good job!

  4. I really liked your trailer. I could tell you put a lot of time and effort into this and it came out really well. This made me want to read the book. Good job!!


  5. I really enjoyed watching this! It made the book sound interesting and it looked like you worked hard on this. Great job!


  6. I really likes your trailer! I feel like you added the most important parts and what the book is really about…. and you guys did a great job of acting everything out. Great job!

  7. I really enjoyed watching this movie the editing and acting was great it highlighted the important parts of the book it the perfect way

  8. I really like your trailer because the acting is great and the editing is good too. It makes the book and movie seem interesting.

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