6 thoughts on “Matched Movie trailer

  1. Hey guys!!
    Your trailer was really good and I really liked watching. I thought the scene you chose was a good one!! Good job!!
    Hannah Wergeles

  2. Matched group,
    I really liked your trailer I thought all of you guys played your part really well. I read this book and I really liked this scene!

  3. Dear Matched Group,
    I liked your video a lot, you all played your part well and you picked a really good scene, I also liked how you combined the Reader’s Theater and Book Trailer.


  4. I really liked your video. I liked how you used the mural as a background for the mountain, it was very creative. It seems like an interesting book, and I might read it in the future. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Amazing job on the trailer!!! Since I already read the book I understood both of the scenes that you chose. I thought you did an amazing job and I really like how you used the murals as a background. It went really well with the scene you choose. You guys did an amazing job acting too. Thank you very much for sharing it because I enjoyed it very much!!

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