9 thoughts on “Short Film: Among the Imposters

  1. Dear group,
    Your introduction was really cool. You provided a lot of unknown information to me. Your script was well made. Great job.

  2. I really liked the scenes where you used your parents and siblings in the scenes. It was cool to see real adults rather than kids pretending to be adults.

    The only thing about it that made it confusing was Caroline’s speaking parts were REALLY fast and hard to understand but other than that it was a great trailer

  3. Dear Group: I can tell you worked really hard on this! I Loved watching it it was great! GOOD JOB!!!!

  4. Dear Group,

    I thought your video was really good. You played your characters really well. I also liked how zoe’s dad and brother was in it


  5. First off great job, i had read Among the hidden the previous book club and thought it was a great book! I am looking forward to reading the second book so this was specific appealing to me. Nice work!

  6. I thought it was well thought out and I bet your script was well written. One thing though is couldn’t understand what Caroline was saying therefore I didn’t know what you were acting out. Otherwise it was nice to see adults and children being played by an adult and a child. It makes it easier to tell what the character is supposed to look like.

  7. dear group,

    Your trailer really made your book seem interesting, and you picked really good scenes to show off your book. I also liked the music at the beginning, it really set the mood for the story. Good job.

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