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Harrison’s Letter Essay #7: Divergent

Dear Reader, I have recently finished reading a 487-paged, realistic fiction, dystopian book named Divergent by Veronica Roth. Veronica is now a world-wide known author for her amazing stories that she continues to write to this day. She got the idea for this series when she was in college and it was a hit. It … Continue reading Harrison’s Letter Essay #7: Divergent

Samantha’s Letter Essay #7-Uglies

April 1st, 2016 Dear Classmates, I have recently finished the book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. It is 406 pages and is a dystopian fiction novel. Scott Westerfeld is 52 years old and wrote Uglies in 2005. He writes young adult fiction including the Uglies Quartet and Afterworlds. Uglies is part of a New York Times … Continue reading Samantha’s Letter Essay #7-Uglies

Letter Essay #7 Divergent Nicholas DiStefano

Nicholas DiStefano Mr. Jockers 3/29/16 ILA Per. 6   Dear reader,   Recently, I finished reading Divergent, an 487-page realistic fiction book by a loving American writer, who came up with her series in college, and ever since she can’t stop writing really good books. Divergent published in 2011 and people can’t stop reading it, … Continue reading Letter Essay #7 Divergent Nicholas DiStefano

Julia’s Letter Essay #7: Catching Fire

Catching Fire   For the past two weeks with my reading group I have been reading Catching Fire. This novel is a sequel for the Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins. There are 391 pages in this novel and it is a very suspenseful book. This book is a fiction novel about a society were … Continue reading Julia’s Letter Essay #7: Catching Fire