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After I read the first hunger games for book club I was wondering what happened next. Even though the ending cliff hanger was not as good as some of the cliffhangers are middle of the first book I still wanted to know what will happen. Enter my 2nd book club book the Hunger Games Catching Fire. I picked it because well i wanted to know what happened next and I had not read a book as good as the Hunger Games in a year. I wanted to read another good book. Not that the  books I read this year were bad but not as good as they could be.

A few months after the Hunger Games Katniss is trying to get back to normal.S he still lives in her old house  but that is the only old thing. Gale has left he and Peeta has kind of to. But she learns of rebellions in districts, she and Peeta must give it their all on the victory tour and something no one saw coming.

NOTE: spoilers are in the next few paragraphs

If I were the author I would have added more to the new head game maker. He is good character but I feel more could be done with him. I know that it is revealed that he is good later on but we only have one hint to this. I know that to much of something is not a good thing but still. It does kind of come out of nowhere. I feel like he could have had more layers like why he did what he did but I they need something for the next book.

The climax of the plot is very interesting because you do not understand it at first, and that is what is great about it. You know that the wire will do something and when Katniss is knocked out you think that it is just a traitor but it all is a plan and it all makes sense.Peeta being helped, the wire, the watch/clock. It all makes sense! Sure you may not understand it when the arena falls apart but then they explain it and everything comes together even district 13 comes! 13 coming also means that the “peacekeepers” in the woods were not just there to talk about the rebellion.

The genre of this book is dystopian. I know this because it is in the future but there is something bigger and it the fact that follows the formula. There is a perfect world before the characters do or learn something that they should not have done or known about. Something wrong happens and then the world is dystopian. There is Panem and Katniss disobeys the capitol and learns about rebels. Then there are the games and the full rebellion with the hovercrafts at the end.

I am going to quote the scene where Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch Talk about the events of District 11 on the victory tour.

“I haven’t thought much about this. How it must have looked from Peeta’s perspective when I appeared in the arena having received burn medicine and bread when he, who was at death’s door, had gotten nothing. Like Haymitch was keeping me alive at his expense.

“Look boy-” Haymitch begins

“Don’t bother, Haymitch. I know you had to choose one of us. And I’d have wanted it to be her. But this is something different. People are dead out there. More will follow unless we’re very good. We all know I’m better than Katniss in front of the cameras. No one needs to coach me on what I say. But I have to know what I’m walking into.” says Peeta

”From now on you’ll be fully informed.” Haymitch promises

“I better be.” Says Peeta. He don’t even bother to look at me before he leaves.

The dust he disturbed follows up and looks for new places to land. My hair, my eyes, my shiny gold pin.

“Did you choose me, Haymitch?” I ask

“Yeah.” he says.

“Why? You like him better.” I say.

“That’s true. But remember, until they changed the rules. I could only hope to get one of you out there alive. I thought since he was determined to protect you, well, between the three of us, we might be able to bring you home.”

“Oh” is all I can think to say.

“You’ll see, the choices you’ll have to make. If we survive this,” says Haymitch. “You’ll learn.”

Well, I’ve learned one thing today. This place is not a larger version of District 12. Our fence is unguarded and rarely charged. Our Peacekeepers are unwelcome but less brutal. Our hardships evoke more fatigue than fury. Here in 11, they suffer more acutely and feel more desperation. President Snow is right. A spark could be enough to set them ablaze.

Come on. We’ve got a dinner to attend,” says Haymitch”

pages 66-68

I liked that the author showed us what the character were thinking through this conversation. It tells you what they have been hiding since the Games.

I give this book a 9/10, if you read the first one you should read this.



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4 thoughts on “George’s Letter Essay #7

  1. Dear George,

    I really liked your letter essay because it was very descriptive, and the hunger games series is one of my favorite series. I enjoyed the first and second hunger games, and it looks like you did to since you gave this book a 9/10 rating. I especially liked the quoted passage you did. The letter essay was great,

    From, Nick

  2. George-
    I think you were really detailed when you were answering your questions. They seem to be well thought out. However, I think your summary could have been longer and maybe explained a little bit more. But overall, good job.

  3. To George,
    I want to start out by saying happy birthday and I think that your essay was really good overall and I have not read the hunger games so I dont know if you are lying on the summery? But it had a great amount of detail. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    From Bhiggz36

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