Jake’s Letter Essay #7:Insurgent


I recently finished reading the book “Insurgent” by Veronica Roth. This is the second book in the Divergent series. This book has 525 pages and it took about a week and a half to complete. After completing the first book “Divergent” I was very excited to start the other because it kept me engaged and i really loved the story being told. Unfortunately this book did not do the same for me. I found myself constantly putting the book down and going to do something else instead of sitting and reading for an hour at a time. I believe the reason for not enjoying this book as much is because it wasn’t as action packed as book number one. I plan on reading the third book because too me it seemed that this book was a big setup for the third.


Tris, Caleb her brother, Four, Peter, and Marcus Four’s father travel too Amity where many of the lost Abnegation are living at the time. They are given a very short amount of time too stay and decide what their next move is. Within a couple of days Erudite shows up looking for them too take away. The reason unknown. They think quickly and attempt to sneak out of a window. On the train that runs along the outside of the whole society they meet a group of factionless people who then take them back to the factionless headquarters. Jack Kang the Leader of the faction Candor fights video of Tris and Four in the control room at Dauntless and though they were the ones controlling the serum. Jeanine is looking for the perfect Divergent to unlock a box that has a secret. Tris is chosen as the perfect divergent. She goes through a series of simulations putting her through tests. There is a test for each faction. One catch is that if she dies in the simulations she dies in real life.


I think this book is a setup for the last book because of what happens at the end of it and what ends up being inside the box. This book is very well put together and I can follow the story well I just think at some points there is a little too much talking and running away compared to the first book with the shooting and training at Dauntless.


Overall I think this book is good not great but with it as a setup i believe the third book will be fantastic. I recommend this book to anyone to read the first book and wants to read the next book in the series also, to anyone who likes dystopian fiction and wants a really good series too read.
-Jake Forte

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3 thoughts on “Jake’s Letter Essay #7:Insurgent

  1. Dear Jake,

    I really liked your letter essay because of all of the description that you put into it. It was very well written. The Divergent series is one of my favorite series. Why do you think that the third book will be fantastic, if you really did not like this book. Your summary was very descriptive and I really liked your letter esssay,

    Sincerally Nick

  2. Jake your letter easy was very good. Good effort!! It’s too bad that you didn’t enjoy this one as much as divergent. I read divergent and also enjoyed it and was thinking about reading insurgent but I think I’ll wait after hearing that you didn’t really like it. Your reflections were very strong. Next time you need to include a quoted passage from the novel.
    Sincerely, Sean Eustace

  3. Dear Jake,
    I liked your letter essay. I really liked how you included a good, descriptive summary. It helped understand the book because I never read it. I tried reading divergent and didn’t really like it. I wanted to try to read Insurgent but I might not after reading your letter essay. Good Job though.

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