Kurtis Koopmann’s letter essay #7 Unwind

Letter Essay # 7

Kurtis Koopmann


Mr Jockers Period 6 ILA


Dear classmates the book I read is called unwind by Neal Shusterman. There is 335 pages in the book and the genre is dystopian fiction. in this book there are 5 main characters their names are Connor Lassiter Risa Ward Levi Roland And CyFi. This book was originally published on November 6th 2007 it is the first book in the series and the sequel is UnWholly There’s also a movie. Neil got this idea for Unwind when he heard a new story about scientist who claimed that within our lifetime hundred percent of the human body will be viable for transplant.after a civil war known as the second Civil War  or the Heartland War was fought over abortion a compromise was reached allowing parents to sign in order for their children between the ages of 13 and 18 be Unwound the kids would be taken to harvest camps and have mostly all of their body parts taken apart and given to people who need it like blood muscles arms legs eyes Etc…

 this story is about three teens  whose parents have signed the  unwind order for their clildren Connor the First on one is on the run from the juvey-cops who make sure that unwinds get to the Harvest camps Risa another  unwind is on a bus to a harvest camp when connor runs in front of the bus and saves Risa at the same time levi (a tithe which is a kid who’s knows he is going to be unwound since birth) Is in a car that crashes into the buss Connor jumps to go grab levi. butt Levi resists and bites Connor’s arm Connor list up levi  and rushes him into the woods With Risa. A juvey-cop follows them into the woods but Connor rushes towards him grabs his paralyzing gun and shoot him with his own gun from this moment everyone now calls him the awol unwind. they find a path that leads to a city end Connor finds a baby on a doorstep and without thinking goes and grabs it Risa is furious they don’t need another person With them. the bus takes them to the sta-ho school where they nurse babies and little kids who don’t have homes. they hide in the bathroom there to hide from the public so they are not noticed but what they don’t know is that lev is trying to escape once the school day is almost over Connor pulls the fire alarm and love runs to the main office and turns and Connor and Risa Connor and Risa rush out the door for the juvey-cops get there and start clapping the kids in the school are automatically freaked out and start running home because a couple years before bombers started clapping at that school and blew up the school with a bunch of kids that gave them enough time to run across the road and Into the Woods where they met one of the teachers that helped them Escape and she told them to go to a specific pawn shop in town where she would help them get to a safe place  once Connor and Risa arrived they were immediately transported to a new camp for 5 days then were sent on a plane in Little Boxes to refugee camp where they were safe for a couple of months until the leader died from a heart attack Then they were sent to a harvest camp where  Roland got unwound Roland was trying to kill Connor before so he could become the top among the people Connor and Risa shortly escape the Harvest camp and are on their own for a half of the year until Connor change is the law of getting Unwound from 18 – 17.

“ Why did you grab that  baby we did not need it said Risa”  I chose this passage from the book because it is one of the main parts to the book And as a lot of suspense. I agree with the author when they pick up the baby because it almost gives them away to the juvey-cops and adds a lot  of suspense.  I would rate this book a 8 out of 10 because it was kind of disgusting towards the end but also had a very good plot and had a lot of  suspense and kept you questioning the book and wondering what was going to happen next which kept me reading on.

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