Louie’s Letter Essay 7: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth

I recently finished reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney.  It is a 217 page  novel about a boy named Greg Heffley who has a fight with his best friend Rowley and stops hanging around with him for a few months.  Greg really wants to be more grown up and do fun  things like hang around with older kids and even go to weddings.  But, he doesn’t really like the extra responsibilities older kids and adults have. He doesn’t like having to do extra chores or help make dinner when his mom decides to go back to school.  And he really misses hanging around with his friend Rowley.  


I read this book because I have read other books in the series and really enjoyed them.

The author keeps the books interesting and funny because they are realistic and are about school age kids  He even includes pictures to illustrate funny things in his books.  

The main character of the book Greg seems to be really lost and lonely without his best friend Rowley.  He tries to act older but it is obvious he still thinks and acts like a kid.

I liked the way the author had Greg and Rowley become friends again at the end of the book .  I especially liked that they could not even remember what they were fighting about, just like in real life.


I’d say that the theme of the book is that you get to do more fun things when you get older but you also have a lot more responsibilities like working and taking care of others, which is not all fun.  So you should enjoy being a kid while you can!


There is a passage on pages 209 to 210 where Greg is talking to his grandmother that I really

Liked because it sounded like something a grandmother would say.  It says “Gammie told me that most kids my age are in a big rush to grow up but that if I was smart, I’d enjoy the ride while it lasts.  Now, I’ve heard this same speech from mom and dad about a billion times, so I was kind of disappointed by where this was all heading.  But Gammie wasn’t finished.  She said I was getting ready to enter “the Awkward Years” and my lips were gonna get all puffy and my skin was gonna get bad and my head was gonna look too big for my body until my junior or senior year of high school.  Then she said I shouldn’t let anyone take my picture for the next few years, because I’d regret it if I did.  She told me she gave the same advice to people like dad and uncle Gary and uncle Joe, but they didn’t listen to her.  But Gammie still wasn’t done.  She told me that getting older is no walk in the park and that getting to be her age REALLY stinks.  She started talking about “ hemorrhoids” and “shingles” and a bunch of other stuff I’d never heard of before. “


I chose this passage because Grammie really told it like it was and she was the only person that was able to make Greg realize that he was rushing through the most fun years of his life.  I think that anyone who is a kid in school even if they don’t like to read would like this book because it is realistic it even has a lot of funny pictures in it.  I would rate this book a 7 out of 10.

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  1. Dear Louie,
    I really liked your essay. You included everything needed and made it interesting. I can tell you put a good amount of effort into this piece. Keep up the good work.
    -Zachary Shortt

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