Brett’s Letter Essay #8; The Death Cure

I just finished reading “The Death Cure” by James Dashner. This is a 323 page science fiction novel. It is the 3rd book in “The maze runner” series. I have read the two before it, “The Maze Runner” and “The Scorch Trials”. I enjoyed both of them and I also enjoyed this one. This is the last book in the series. I read the Maze Runner last year and didn’t start the Scorch Trials until this year. Then I decided to finish the series and read “The Death Cure”. James Dashner has also wrote another series which I have never read but i am considering it after reading this book. I read this book because I wanted to finish the series and also because a friend recommended it to me. He said it was the best book of the series. So i decided to give it a try.

In the book “The Death Cure” Thomas and his graders (allies/friends) finally get out of the dreaded scorch trials. Only a few survived and they met with another group that was being tested known as “Group B”. All of them are done and they must escape from wicked. (The people who are running tests on them.) With a little help from wicked people Thomas and his friends escape to Denver. Wicked says  they are doing this to create a cure  for a deadly virus called the flare but Thomas and his friends must stop them from doing more testing. They must flee the flare infested city of Denver and try to destroy wicked with the help of the right arm. With the help of the right arm and an old friend Gally, Thomas must find a way to take down Wicked and stop the horrible testing. Can he do it? Read the book to find out.

I wish that, the author had written more about the world and what was happening outside of Wicked and Denver. He never really told the reader what the flare was doing outside of Thomas’s group of friends. Even just a little info on what was happening would have helped me understand the disease more. Just a little background on what had happened and how it had started would have helped me understand.

I dont agree with and don’t get why the author didn’t make Tersea a bigger character in this book. In the Maze runner she played a huge role and did the same in the Scorch Trials. She was Thomas’s best friend and was really a big part of those books. However in this book she was more of a background character. I just didn’t agree with her role in this book because I felt as if she was such a strong and great character in the first two and the author should have continued that in this one.

I found this passage interesting from the book: “Then it stopped. Thomas was frozen, wondering if he’d be shot next. He heard the steady hum of the machine as it hovered just outside his open door, and he realized that it had been the source of the attack. The things were unmanned but heavily armed. A familiar voice rang out from a speaker on its roof. Thomas shivered. He would know that voice anywhere. It was Janson. The Rat Man.” (Pg. 153)

I really liked this passage because it showed how badly Wicked needed Thomas back and wanted him back to test him. It also showed how intense the book got at certain points. I think it really did a good job at showing what the book was really about. This book was probably my second favorite in the series, not far behind The Maze Runner. I would give it a 6 out of 10. Pretty good book.


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5 thoughts on “Brett’s Letter Essay #8; The Death Cure

  1. Dear Brett,

    I really liked you essay and you explained a lot of great things and I really enjoyed your quote. All these dystopian/futuristic books out there are always to similar to Hunger Games thats why I totally understand a 6 out of 10.


  2. Dear Brett,
    I really liked your letter essay. I liked the passage you included. I remember reading this book and I thought the same thing about the flare and how they didn’t do a good job explaining it. Nice job.

  3. Brett,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay although I never got to this book in the series it seems like maybe the best one. I really liked the summary you gave it helped me to see if this is a book I would want to read or not. Good job!


  4. Brett,

    I enjoyed your summary of the book. It made me want to read it to find out. I have heard alot about this book and I think you summed it up pretty well. I think you could have chosen a better quoted passage but, a very good all around job.


  5. Brett
    I enjoyed your books summary. I think you did a good job summing it up while not giving away the ending. Your paragraphs are well written and your “I wish that” and “i don’t agree with” paragraphs were interesting to read and seemed like they had though in them. One of the thing I’d recommend doing is giving a little more background information about a place or certain characters. Overall good letter essay.

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